A first look at the Sword & Shield expansion – Fusion Shot

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The Pokémon Company International recently unveiled for the first time a new Battle Styles gameplay mechanic, lo Fusion Shot Style, which will be included in the new expansion Sword and Shield – Fusion Shot of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, arriving on November 12 around the world.

Fusion Shot is the new expansion of Pokémon Sword and Shield

Recognizable by the splash of purple and pink, Pokémon with the Fusion Strike Style often possess attacks that rely on teamwork. Pokémon of this style usually perform at their best when in play other Pokémon with this Fighting Style.

Additionally, Fusion Shot cards are also available in the form of Trainer and Special Energy cards, perfect for helping Pokémon with that particular Fighting Style. Moreover, it is possible build a Fusion Shot deck.

Available in expansion envelopes, Star Player Trainer set e special collections, Sword and Shield – Fusion Shot includes 25 Fusion Shot cards Among them we find Mew-VMAX, Genesect-V and Hoopa-V. If they wish, players can also try the following cards:

  • 20 Pokémon-V e 13 Pokémon-V a figura intera;
  • Otto Pokémon-VMAX;
  • 20 Trainer cards and seven full-length Aid cards;
  • A Special Energy card.

Trainers who wish to play with the expansion cards before release can do so with the Strategic Challenge kit of the Sword and Shield – Fusion Shot expansion. The kit will be available at local retailers participating in the initiative starting from October 30, 2021.

Each kit contains four expansion packs. Players will also find one evolution booster with 23 cards with inside key cards of this and previous expansions, including a special-art promotional card and a deck-building tip insert.

For more information you can consult the official website.

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