Corsair HS 80 wireless review: the sound of victory

In this article we will see the Corsair HS 80 wireless review. Could Corsair have managed to improve its lineup once again with an exciting pair of top-of-the-line headphones? The answer is without too many preambles yes! Let’s find out how

Game audio is no joke. In order to fully enjoy a title it is important not to miss even a small detail. Corsair knows this well and with these wireless HS 80s it really did a well-rounded job, has tuned in to the frequencies of competitive players but also to the waves of lovers of single player games.

We combine a great sound system with the quality of the materials and the design that has been given to these headphones and we will probably have some truly extraordinary headphones.

Top materials and design | Corsair HS 80 wireless review

Corsair HS 80 wireless are beautiful and elegant. In the classic matte black they are suitable for every taste, moreover the inclusion of LEDs on both sides and on the microphone give that something extra. We also appreciated being able to disable them themselves.

The white writing on the top of the headband is very minimal and goes well with the overall design. Everything is obviously managed on the left pavilion which contains the power button, the convenient wheel for volume management, the Type C input for charging and the microphone.

Pavilions what I remember I am in memory foam.

Speaking immediately of the microphone it is good to re that it is not removable even if the management of the same is very good. In fact, it will be sufficient to bring it to the “closed” position to deactivate it. The rubberized material of which it is made can be molded even if bending it will not be very comfortable to reposition it in an upright portion.

The headband as well as the part of the pavilions that come into contact with the body are made of fabric. A much appreciated choice especially in these hot days but which alas is not rewarded by the amount of dust and skin collected by these materials.

Speaking of the headband, the system chosen by Corsair is interesting, which allows a millimeter adjustment thanks to a velcro system, or a tear-off system, if you prefer, on the inside of the same. Obviously everything is elastic and once you find the right measurements it will be like not wearing headphones.

Also excellent is the possibility to rotate the pavilions by 180 degrees in order to adapt to the face and offering the possibility of storing them comfortably.

A sensational audio Review Corsair HS 80 wireless

As for the most important section of the headset in question, we have (almost) nothing to complain. Thanks to the new driver size, 50mm, iThe sound is very strong and the bass is once again explosive and unattainable for the competition.

The equalization management that can be set by iCue allows you to make the most of all the potential of the headphones, all combined with the possibility of going and enjoying the technology Dolby Atmos a 24 bit.

Both in the competitive game phase and in the single player we were able to enjoy the excellent stereo sound of these headphones, without ever feeling the lack of a management of a 7.1 audio or similar.

Thanks to 50mm neodymium audio driver we can enjoy crystal clear sound in all frequencies and have never encountered distortions or sonic flaws.

The quality of the presets is very good even if the game audio doesn’t always manage to fully enjoy them. A striking example is the preset called FPS, which obviously is designed for competitive gaming in shooters, using this audio preset in fact it improves the possibility of hearing the audio of the enemies more accurately (such as steps or direction of the shots) but the party chat is distorted in an annoying way.

Our advice is to create your own equalization or start from a preset and then go to correct the flaws.

The audio from the omnidirectional microphone is very good and certainly much better than by far the microphones found in gaming headsets.

Corsair HS 80 wireless review: the sound of victory

Wireless Slipstream deserves a round of applause

A comment is also required on the wireless technology of these headphones. Let’s start by saying that Corsair has always had the great strength to be able to create an ecosystem, sometimes not too self-inclusive, really fantastic. Thanks to this new technology called Wireless Slipstream the thing becomes even more interested.

Thanks to this new feature in fact it will be possible to connect up to three devices at the same time, the whole using only the supplied wireless key. This means that if you have for example a Dark Core RGB PRO you can connect it without inserting a second receiver. By doing so, in addition to eliminating mouse and headphone cables (and perhaps keyboard), you can also free up two USB sockets, connecting the three devices to a single large system. A real dream.

If all this were not enough, you can also take advantage of the headphones on consoles! Indeed the Corsair HS 80 wireless are also compatible with PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5.

Corsair HS 80 wireless review: the sound of victory

Who should buy these Corsair HS 80 wirless?

In conclusion we are faced with a great piece of hardware. The latest arrivals at Corsair are an agglomeration of technology and research. Certainly there are some small defects, we do not have a removable microphone and some materials suffer a little too much from the dust but nothing really affects the more than good quality of the product.

The price of 150 euros on the official store is more than adequate to the general offer. Especially in function of the fact that we are faced with technology Dolby Atmos e to that Wireless Slipstream. A truly winning combination.

If you are looking for a great pair of wireless headphones that offer a lot at the right price you have found them, then if you have other wireless devices signed by the Californian house then you have no more excuses.

Points in favor

  • Tecnologia Wireless Slipstream
  • Audio Dolby Atmos
  • ICUE customization and support

Points against

  • A microphone with a few small flaws
  • Dust-suffering materials
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