A look at The Law by Lidia Poet on Netflix

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A few days ago Lidia Poet’s law made its debut on Netflix: let’s take a look at the series with Matilda De Angelis

Among the most interesting releases of the last period there is certainly Lidia Poet’s law, an Italian TV series, signed by Netflix, and focused on the figure of the first lawyer to join the Bar in Italy. The narration proceeds between historical references and a lot of narrative fiction, but from its very first lines it shows a lot of potential. In the Netflix series we find Lidia Poet, played by a splendid woman Matilda De Angeliswho, after graduating in law and enrolling in the‘Lawyers’ order she sees her professional license withdrawn just because she is a woman. So, Lidia starts working on her appeal and in the meantime she provides her lawyer services working together with her brother enrico, also a lawyer. As mentioned, between narrative fiction and historical reality, we witness the story of Lidia, a strong woman, decidedly ahead of her time, who is not afraid to confront the male universe and make her voice heard. A real model, she grapples with a new and intricate case in each episode.

First look at Lidia Poet’s The Law

In total, the first season of the series has six episodes, all released en bloc, as usual, by Netflix. From the very first moments, many are felt peculiarity of the series: a tight and intriguing rhythm, a historical setting that is certainly not very rigorous, but ad hoc for the narration, and above all a spectacular Matilda De Angelis, who confirms herself as one of the most interesting actresses on the national scene. Lidia Poet is, as mentioned, a strong and emancipated woman, both in terms of ideas and customs, but she clearly has to deal with a strongly male-dominated society, which opposes her career and undermines her freedom. The character of the series clearly deviates from the historical precedent, but follows its scope, because the real Lidia Poet was a model very important avant-garde for women and this Lidia embodied by Matilda De Angelis certainly follows her style.

In short, Lidia Poet’s Law is a series that has so many potential and which proves its value from the first glance. Another confirmation of the growth of the Italian serial panorama, which is often not given the right merits, and of the contribution that streaming platforms give to our production. A series definitely worth watching to get to know a great historical figure, long relegated to a marginal role, and to enjoy a fun and intriguing narrative.

Netflix February

From You to The Law by Lidia Poet up to Outer Banks: February is definitely a busy month at Netflix.

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