Un Motorola Razy diventa un iPhone pieghevole: l’impresa di uno YouTuber cinese thumbnail

A Motorola Razy becomes a foldable iPhone: the feat of a Chinese YouTuber

A Motorola Razy Becomes a Foldable iPhone: A Chinese YouTuber Enterprise Thumbnail

While the whole world – at least that made up of lovers of devices with the logo of the big bitten apple – is waiting for the marketing of a foldable iPhone, in China a YouTuber has decided to build it himself. To do it he has assembled an iPhone X and a Motorola Razrusing the components of the smartphone from Apple and the body of the Motorola.

The result is surprising.

A YouTuber builds a foldable iPhone by himself: video

The user has decided to call the new device iPhone V, due to the shape it takes when folded. iPhone V seems to work perfectly from a software point of view: the video shows us that it receives notifications, messages and can take pictures without problems.

Unlike its main competitors – Samsung above all – Apple has not yet marketed its foldable smartphone. Cupertino, however, has announced that it is working on the project, adding that, in addition to iPhones, it will also make foldable Macbooks. Times seem long, however, and foldable Apple devices are not expected to hit the market before 2025.

In the meantime, however, if you have a Motorola Razr and an iPhone X to throw away, you too can try your hand at the Frankestainian operation of the Chinese YouTuber, and make an iPhone V yourself.

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