AirPods Pro 2: New firmware update available

Apple annuncia una nuova generazione di AirPods Pro thumbnail

Apple has started releasing new firmware for the AirPods Pro 2. The goal of the update is to troubleshoot audio problems emerged in recent weeks. Here are the full details on the new update.

Apple updates the AirPods Pro 2: aim to fix the audio problems of the earphones

Il changelog of the new update reserved for AirPods Pro 2 confirms the absence of new features. The update in question only includes the “Bug fixes and other improvements”. Basically, it is a corrective update that aims to optimize the operation of the firmware after the reports received from users. The update brings the earphones to the version 5.1.58 with a build number of 5B58.

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L’firmware update takes place automatically when the AirPods Pro 2 are connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone. To check the firmware version currently in use, you can go to the Settings of your smartphone and then choose Bluetooth. In the device list there will be the desired AirPods. Then just tap on the i next to the headphones to check the firmware number in “Firmware version”.

At the moment, there are no confirmations regarding the effectiveness of the update as regards the resolution of the audio bugs that afflict the earphones of the Cupertino house. More information on the matter could emerge soon.