È appena nato un nuovo motore di ricerca evoluto e smart

A new advanced and smart search engine has just been born

Vodafone launches an advanced search system that will help anyone who decides to use it manage searches within their site in the best possible way

Vodafone, a multinational mobile and landline company, never ceases to amaze and now it even leaves its customers speechless thanks to an incredible novelty: it has created a new search engine truly evolved and particularly smart. This means that it is now possible to search faster and more precisely within the Vodafone site, a product that will undoubtedly improve the browsing experience of all its users.

How Vodafone’s new search engine works

Vodafone is launching an advanced search system that will help anyone who decides to use it manage searches within their site in the best possible way. In fact, it stands out for its advanced character and above all for the use of an entity-based structure and the integration of artificial intelligence.

All this means that you will be able to obtain complete search results capable of covering any type of need you may have.

Simply put, if you try to search for something within the Vodafone website the search engine collects all the results it deems relevant and shows them to you.

But let’s take a practical example to better understand how it works: if you need information on a specific smartphone model, the Vodafone’s new search engine it provides you with results relating to e-commerce, the store locator section and the offers for the telephone company’s rate plans that can be combined with the product.

If instead you need something more generic such as, for example, “unlimited gigabytes”, the search engine will be able to provide you with results relating to tariffs that have this feature, a link to Vodafone shops closest to you where possible

activate the tariff plans and other in-depth links.

All other news

The Vodafone news that’s not all: for each search carried out, you can navigate through the various results obtained by selecting one of the buttons corresponding to different sections of the site.

Among the main ones you will find the Shops section, the Offers section and the Services and Benefits section. But not only. In fact, you will also be able to consult the search results aimed at private individuals and those concerning business customers.

Then there is the work of artificial intelligence which promises a better quality of search results and which is refined over time, based on searches and user interactions.

Then there is another important novelty, but this concerns the introduction of the possibility of also doing computer voice searches. In a nutshell you can almost say goodbye to the keyboard because when you are at your PC you can almost talk to your computer: your voice will be enough to search for everything you need within the site.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can also write the words related to the information you will need.

In short, with the Vodafone’s new search engine customers’ life is much simpler, faster and absolutely suitable for research purposes. You just have to try it.

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