A new game mode is available in Dice Legacy

Disponibile una nuova modalità di gioco in Dice Legacy thumbnail

The roguelike surival city-builder based on dice, Dice Legacy, is ready to welcome the new update which will offer players many incredible new features, including one new game mode. Let’s find out all the details together.

The new update of Dice Legacy

Few things in life are free; unless you have a copy of Dice Legacy, the dice-based roguelike survival city-builder. If so, dear readers, we have some amazing news for you. A new game mode is now available on the title in the form of free update for all PC gamers. Moreover, soon, it will also arrive for players who own one Nintendo Switch.

This is the second major free update of the title, called Forging a Realm. The new update will offer all players a very different experience from the normal Dice Legacy mode. Get ready to discover all the secrets of Escaping Fate.

The new mode unlocks after the players they have made it through their first winter and is available to all players who have managed to complete the game at least once.

As a young king on a remote uninhabited ring in the universe, people seek guidance in you but, of course, they don’t trust you yet. Trust must be earned satisfying their increasingly difficult requests; bankruptcy is not an option.

Main features of the new mode:

  • Dice Legacy experience focused on economics aimed at increasing game variety;
  • New map generated randomly with parameters created specifically for this mode;
  • Requests increasingly difficult to solve in order to win the game;
  • Five difficulty levels for a relaxed or more hectic experience;
  • Ability to modify your experience with memories after completing the new mode.

For more information you can consult the official website.