Sonos: five gift ideas for Christmas

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The arrival of the holiday season is getting closer and closer and Sonos, the leading brand in wireless Home Sound Systems, has published its gift ideas to put under the tree to listen to the best songs of this Christmas 2021. Let’s go and see them.

Sonos: five gift ideas for Christmas

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)
It is the most recent Compact smart TV soundbar now with Dolby Atmos for three-dimensional sound and crystal clear dialogue, for watching movies or other video content, or as audio while playing a video game. Yes
connects via Wi-Fi, is equipped with integrated voice assistants, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and it is also possible to play music through one of the streaming music services, ask for the news summary, set the alarm or timer, receive the answer to any question and much more.
Colors: white or black.
Price: 499€

Sonos Roam
It’s Sonos’ lightweight, compact portable smart speaker that you can pack in your backpack or bag or take from room to room as needed. It weighs less than half a kg but guarantees fantastic audio. It has an Ip67 protection factor which guarantees resistance to water, falls, dust and other bad weather. It connects via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and already has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integrated to ask for anything or play music through the multiple streaming music services.
Tips: you can take Roam with you to relax while you prepare the tub during the Christmas holidays, finally relaxing, or while practicing an indoor sport such as tennis or maybe while you arrange the plants on the balcony on a beautiful winter day and much more Roam accompanies you everywhere .
Colors: black and white
Price: 199€

Sonos Move
It is the speaker that follows you wherever you go, created to be carried around, from the garden, to the balcony or terrace or from one room to another. It is equipped with a base to recharge the battery whose charge lasts up to 11 hours. Like all Sonos products it works in Wi-Fi but also with Bluetooth (it is the only one together with Sonos Roam). It weighs 3 kg, has built-in voice commands from both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can play music, ask for the news summary, set the alarm, the timer, receive the answer to any question and much more, all with just your voice. . It has an IP56 protection factor so it resists shocks, dust, sand, water, humidity, high or sub-zero temperatures.
Tips: to be used when practicing gymnastics at home, perhaps to burn excess calories left over
parties? Or for a yoga class? Or to listen to the Christmas playlist on Sonos
Radio while family play a board game!
Available colours: Lunar white e black shadow.
Price: 399 €

Sonos One
The classic speaker from Sonos, can be used alone or paired with a soundbar to recreate the home theater effect at home or to fill every room of the house with music by connecting them together and creating audio systems for the whole house. The Sonos One connect via cable to the electrical outlet, have integrated voice services both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, music services, Sonos Radio and work in Wi-Fi,
Available colours: black and white.
Price: 229€

Sonos Arc
It is the top-of-the-range smart soundbar for both size and audio. It has superior audio quality as it is equipped with Dolby Atmos which makes the audio three-dimensional, with clear dialogue and cinema-quality sound. It connects in Wi-Fi, has voice assistants, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa already integrated, it’s possible
Also play music, ask for news summary, set alarm or timer, get answers to any questions and much more.
Colors: black and white
Price: 999€