A new level of Doom 2 to raise funds for Ukraine

Un nuovo livello di Doom 2 per raccogliere fondi per l'Ucraina thumbnail

Hour after hour, initiatives in support of Ukraine are growing dramatically. Even John Romeroco-founder of id Software, decided to release a new level of Doom 2 to raise funds for war victims. The new level, called “One Humanity“, Is the first designed by Romero after the release of the game in 1994. A special initiative, which will allow to raise funds for the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund.

Doom 2: Romero launches the “One Humanity” level to raise funds to support Ukraine

“To support the Ukrainian people and the humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund, I am releasing a new level of Doom 2 for a € 5 donation. 100% of the proceeds go to these agencies. “. So John Romero announced the release of a new level of his most famous game in order to raise funds to support the Ukrainian people. To access the new “One Humanity” level, however, it will be necessary not only pay 5 € as a contribution, but also have an original copy of the game – which is not that difficult! -. With this initiative, therefore, John Romero also enters the list of professionals and organizations that are committed to providing support to Ukraine.

In the course of these days, in fact, The Pokémon Company donated well 200,000 dollars to the non-profit organization GlobalGiving, active in Ukraine. EA, on the other hand, has removed the Russian national team and clubs from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online. AND CD Projekt Red suspended the sale of its games to Russia and Belarus. What’s more, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov also called on Sony and Microsoft to block PlayStation and Xbox accounts of players in Belarus and Russia. With this request, Fedorov hopes the move will encourage Russian citizens to resist their government’s “shameful military aggression”.

But while waiting for the giants of the gaming sector to move, why not try a new level of Doom 2 to show your support for Ukraine? If interested, you can download it from the Romero site.

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