Un nuovo Nintendo Store aprirà ad Osaka thumbnail

A new Nintendo Store will open in Osaka

A new Nintendo Store will open in Osaka thumbnail

Just a couple of years, on a cold morning in late autumn, the first Nintendo Store in all of Japan opened in Tokyo. The news was sensational, so much so that hundreds of people waited for in the rain to be able to enter the store. And perhaps a similar reaction will be expected for the opening of Nintendo Osaka, the company’s second Japanese store. Waiting for the inauguration, let’s find out some details in preview.

Nintendo Store: A new store is coming to Osaka

After Tokyo, Nintendo has chosen to open its new store inside the department store / shopping center Daimaru Umeda di Osaka, a few steps from the station. The reasons for the location are varied: from a high point there is the new section to be considered Super Nintendo World from Universal Studios Japan, where the Mario Kart roller coaster and other Nintendo-themed attractions are located. On the other hand, it is important that Osaka’s Kansai International Airport allows fans from all over the world to reach the new store.

In particular, the opening of the Nintendo store at the Daimaru Umeda seems a strategic move, since the mall is already home to a megastore del Pokémon Center. A combination that literally sent fans into raptures. In any case, it will take a little while longer before you can actually visit the shop. According to the company, in fact, this will only open “at the end of 2022”. A rather long waiting time, especially if we consider that the Tokyo store project already exists (and can be easily resumed). But the true fans of Super Mario and his companions are ready to wait, we are sure.

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