A new sound arrives in the 100% electric Mini family

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Il sound of the engine of Mini it is unique, for the whole family 100% electric.

Here are the new models all-electric of the MINI family will be enriched with sound atmospheres typical of the brand.

Mini, a unique sound for the 100% electric family, press office source

An immersive driving experience

The repertoire includes completely new driving sounds in the cockpit. An unmistakable sound to distinguish the MINI on the outside.

Jingles for the new ones MINI Experience Modes and new sound notifications for information and warning functions.

“Sounds designed to arouse emotions”

“New sounds are an integral part of the digital experience. And they adapt to the character of each of the new models. They are designed to arouse emotions in the passengers inside the cabin.

And at the same time, to make MINI recognizable to anyone outside”. Says Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. These features will be experienced for the first time in the new all-electric MINI Cooper.

The DNA of MINI Sound

The new MINI Sound DNA is based on the core values ​​of the brand and exudes a positive and charismatic aura. The MINI Experience Modes become the stage where these totally new soundscapes enter the scene. Analog instruments, digital technology and artificial intelligence combine to generate sounds that define the MINI of the future, convey information and evoke emotion.

Four driving sounds for a unique user experience

The MINI Experience Modes “Core”, “Go Kart”, “Timeless” e “Balance” feature custom driving sounds.

These are transmitted acoustically to the driver during acceleration. These sounds can be heard in the cabin of future MINI models.

Making the driving experience even more exciting and conveying an authentic and informative impression of driving dynamics.

To all “Core”

The default sound for the new template family MINI will be the “Core” driving sound. It is the only sound mode that is heard outside the car.

But also outside, in order to protect anyone outside the car. As the standard sound of the brand, MINI has an inviting, energetic and inspiring sound. “The new sound design for MINI is inspired by Nicolaus Copernicus.

And it refers to the heliocentric view of the world where the planets revolve around the sun,” he says Renzo Vitale, Creative Director Sound del BMW Group.

“For the driving sound ‘Core’ we were inspired by the round shape of the central OLED display. It reminds us of the sun radiating heat. In analogy to the planets, which each reflect sunlight in their own way, we have designed different sound components that vary depending on the driving situation.”

Mini, a unique sound for the 100% electric family, press office sourceMini, a unique sound for the 100% electric family, press office source

Mini “Go Kart”

Il driving sound MINI “Go Kart” was created for a particularly sporty driving experience. It is characterized by very pronounced intonation and load curves, which form a sound atmosphere suitable for agile and dynamic driving.

Mini “Timeless”

Tradition and progress merge into MINI “Timeless” driving sound. Engine sounds from traditional models, from the classic Mini to the MINI John Cooper Works GP, have been sampled and combined with a futuristic interpretation of the MINI ‘Core’ driving sound to create acoustic time travel. The harder the vehicle accelerates, the more the sound shifts from the past of the internal combustion engine to the purely electric present.

A fourth soundscape opens up with the MINI “Balance” driving sound. It was originally designed for the MINI Vision Urbanaut and is based on sounds heard in a forest at different times of the day and night – from the gurgling of a stream to the chirping of crickets and the rustling of the wind in the treetops. The resulting sound worlds give a sense of relaxation and well-being on board future MINI models.

Characteristic jingles and impactful earcons

The driving sounds of the future MINI family are assigned to the equally new Experience Modes. Their activation is announced by a characteristic jingle. This short sound sequence prepares the occupants for switching between modes.

Another component of the completely new sound ambiences of the new MINI family are the so-called earcons. Similar to optical icons, they serve as distinctive audible symbols to signal certain events or information. Around 30 of these audible signals have been newly designed – from the acoustic accompaniment of the direction indicators to the seat belt reminder system and Park Distance Control (PDC) tones. In future, they will fulfill their signaling function with a distinctive and typical sound for the brand, capturing the attention of the occupants or warning them of possible dangers thanks to sounds of different intensities.

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