A “Nokia 3310” used to steal cars in 15 seconds

Un "Nokia 3310" usato per rubare auto in 15 secondi thumbnail

And “Nokia 3310” allows to steal cars in just 15 seconds. Or rather, a hacker has shot a video where just connect the old mobile phone to the car via USB cable to unlock the car with digital key. But it is a complex device, disguised as a 2000s cell phone.

“Nokia 3310” used to steal cars in seconds

A video shows how a boy manages to start a Toyota RAV4 in only 15 seconds using a “Nokia 3310 mobile phone”. The boy tries to start the car with the start button but nothing happens. So he takes out a Nokia 3310, connects it to the car with a USB cable and touches a few buttons. At this point, he presses the start button again and the car starts up with a roar of the engine. All this in less than fifteen seconds.

No, Nokia 3310 has not become a vehicle key. The Nokia 3310 in the video is just a “mask”: inside there is a device to steal cars. Simply put, the device works sending a signal to rip the carwho thinks he is dealing with a real digital key.

VICE reports that not only the RAV4 but also some series of cars of Maserati, Lexus and other brands could be opened by this “Nokia 3310”. And this is the new method of stealing cars that is circulating in the american market.

Not only the “Nokia 3310” is used, there are many other covers for these car anti-theft devices. As a JBL speaker, of which only the external logo remains: inside there is all the hardware needed to start a car.

Car thieves use them to hide stolen devices, making them less recognizable. But if you see someone approaching your car with an old cell phone in hand, start to worry.