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Google uses AI for cybersecurity

Google uses AI for cybersecurity thumbnail

Google bet onartificial intelligence (AI) also for IT security: Google Cloud Security AI Workbench uses the same mechanism as Bard, the generative AI of Mountain View. A direct response to using Bing in Microsoft Security Copilot, to use tips and inputs that increase security.

Google Cloud uses AI for cybersecurity

According to Google Cloud, artificial intelligence is the key to the future of cybersecurity. And launched a new solution that takes care of some of the workloads to allow experts to focus on what’s really important. Is called Google Cloud Security AI Workbench. And Google designed it for security cases, and like the company’s chatbot, Bardis based on a large language model (LLM), called Sec-PaLM.

Thanks to its visibility into the threat landscape and the first-hand intelligence of its subsidiary Mandiant, Google is familiar with vulnerabilities, malware, threat indicators, and behavioral profiles of threat actors. And so Google Cloud wants its Security AI Workbench helps its customers defend their organizations from attacks.

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Google Cloud identified three main areas to address when developing the AI-powered cybersecurity tool. Threat overload, inefficient tools, and talent shortages. Furthermore, partner plugin integrations promise to make it a versatile and powerful tool for

AI makes it possible to simplify the work of technicians, suggesting actions, controlling threats and automating “low added value” operations. In this way, cybersecurity experts can focus on the most complex and important operations. You can find more information here.

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