A podcast tab is on the way to Twitter

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Twitter continue to invest in the audio format: after Spaces vocal roomsa new tab is about to arrive dedicated to podcast. A decision that could prove successful, given the large following that podcaster tweets have, especially in the United States. And a direct challenge to Spotify e Apple.

Twitter, podcast card may arrive

Do you remember Clubhouse? And how the whole world had fallen in love with the format of the audio rooms, so much so that the main tech companies had proposed their own version of the social? Twitter is one of the few companies that has been able to act fast enough by launching Twitter Spaces. Which did not have the worldwide success that perhaps the company expected. But it has carved out a place for Twitter in the world of streaming audio.

Podcasts are a growing trend. In the United States they have become a solid alternative to visual media and are slowly gaining ground in Italy as well. Twitter appears to be aware of this and acquired the Breaker podcasting app early last year. And according to the developer and leaker Jane Manchum Wongappears to be ready to implement the podcast service within Twitter.

A section dedicated to podcasts on Twitter

Jane Manchun Wong ha tweeted a screenshot of the section dedicated to Twitter podcasts, which would allow users to publish the feed of the pdiscover audio episodes directly on the social network. Something very useful for many podcasters, especially Americans. If you’re an overseas podcast enthusiast like us, you know that no episode ends before the hosts and guests announce the your Twitter username to be followed.

A dedicated tab could directly link the show or presenters account with the podcast, and vice versa. A bit like he announced to do LinkedIneven if the target is different.

In the posted image we can see that at the bottom there is a new icon with a microphone, presumably dedicated to podcasts. However, no episodes are seen yet, suggesting that the company is still working on how to implement the and functions would not be still arrived in the testing phase.

It could replace Spaces

However, another thing the screenshot shows is what is NOT there. In fact, among the icons below there is no one for Spaces. This could mean that, since the hoped-for success for audio rooms has not arrived, Twitter can delete the function. But instead of giving up its place in the world of audio streaming, it wants to offer fans on the platform the opportunity to listen to podcasts.

But another possibility is that the Spaces feature does not disappear, but you only change the nomAnd. The audio rooms designed by Twitter are basically episodes in which podcasters improvise on the spot, instead of recording the episode. Maybe Twitter wants to change the name to make the offer more attractive.

However, the option that seems most interesting to us is that Spaces becomes a subsection of podcasts. By entering the tab, in addition to your episodes you can also see those that are live in that momentntor. With the ability to write directly to presenters and interact live. Something many podcasters already do by doing live shows on Twitch or YouTube. But with the attraction of being able to increase your Twitter followers.

The hypotheses are many, but it seems that in the coming weeks we could discover some more details. In fact, it seems that the launch is not that far away. We will keep you informed.

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