Ukraine: the appeal to the world of technology against Russia

Ucraina: l'appello al mondo della tecnologia, 50 società coinvolte thumbnail

Ukraine plans to solicit approx 50 companies in the world of technologyincluding some involved in gaming, eSports and Internet infrastructures, to take action against the Russia following a series of previous requests: this was declared by a senior official of the Ukrainian government. Only yesterday a request was sent to Sony and Microsoft, but it seems that it did not end there.

Ukraine: the appeal to the world of technology

The software giant Oracle Corp ha has already responded to a tweet from the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation asking the company to cut off relations with Russia during the invasion. The Deputy Minister Alexander Bornyakov showed Oracle’s newly posted tweet on his phone during the video interview, which stated that the company had already suspended all operations in the Russian Federation.

Wednesday too Electronic Arts stated that he would remove Russian teams from FIFA football matches. “The more sanctions are imposed, the sooner the peace will be restored,” Bornyakov said from his office, wearing a simple hoodie and sitting in front of Ukrainian flags, ready to take refuge in a bunker in the event of a Russian air strike.

Ukraine has already sought support from around 50 companies since the Russian invasion began last week, and the initiative has helped bring entrepreneur Elon Musk’s SpaceX Internet Starlink satellites and new restrictions on state media to Ukraine. Russians by YouTube of Alphabet and other social media services. In short, the strategy would be to isolate Russia as much as possible, in such a way as to cut ties with the rest of the world.

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