A Samsung patent anticipates a future laptop with a foldable display

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Samsung keep evaluating new solutions to make the most of flexible displays in the near future and also the sector of laptop could be involved in this revolution. In fact, Intel is trying to convince and support its partners to make laptops with flexible and foldable displays, following the recent trend of the smartphone world. and Samsung is among the companies most directly involved.

A patent anticipates a new Samsung laptop with a foldable display

The new patent filed by Samsung was revealed by the magazine LetsGoDigital. The documentation shows us some possible applications of foldable and flexible display technologies to the world of laptops according to the designers of Samsung. In particular, the patent shows the design of a foldable laptop capable of reducing the overall dimensions when closed. The patent shows the folding of the screen and the keyboard dividing into two parts.

The existence of this patent does not imply the making of a laptop of this type from Samsung. Certainly, however, the company is willing to evaluate new solutions for the future of its range of laptops and the application of the technologies behind the foldable displays is certainly a possibility. More details regarding what could be the future developments of the patent will certainly arrive in the coming months.

Samsung, as recently confirmed at CES 2022, has every intention of continuing to invest in the foldable display devices sector.

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