Meta’s smartwatch will have 3 cameras and a rotating screen

Lo smartwatch di Meta avrà 3 fotocamere e uno schermo rotante thumbnail

For a year now, there has been talk of the possible launch of one smartwatch on Meta. Indeed, when the rumors started it was still called Facebook. The device should arrive in the course of 2022. And it looks like it could be unlike any connected watch we’ve ever seen. In fact, the smartwatch of Meta it might even have three cameras it’s a removable display.

Meta’s smartwatch may have 3 cameras and a pull-out display

In February 2021, we learned that Facebook was thinking about a smartwatch. Then in June it was revealed that the device may have two cameras, you think one for the video calls and one to record video as a little one GoPro. In October, just when Facebook changed its name to become Meta, we learned that the design would be inspired by that of the Apple Watch, as you can see from the concept design on the cover of this article.

But it looks like the smartwatch may be even more surprising than announced. On June 24, 2021, Facebook would have filed a patent, validated only yesterday 13 January 2022. Fifty pages that talk about a device with i removable display and a camera integrated into the display.

According to what is specified in the patent, the device would have a screen that can “rotate around its perimeter to adjust the orientation of the camera“. This would allow the three camera sensors provided in the patent to be used to take photos, record video calls and much more.

Patents usually list multiple possibilities to cover them all legally. For example, the designs show both a rectangular smartwatch as it is thought to be that of Meta and with the round case. This also applies to cameras: it could be that three are listed in the patent but that Meta is developing prototypes from just two, as expected last year.

It also remains to be seen whether these patents will already be exploited for this first generation, or only for the next ones. The fact is, it seems that Meta wants to present a truly innovative device, to immediately compete with Apple Watch.

At the moment there is no precise release date, we will keep you informed.