A social collaboration for shared scooters

Monopattini in sharing, una collaborazione per promuovere l'inclusione e il corretto parcheggio thumbnail

There comes one social collaboration to promote the inclusion and correct parking of shared scooters.

Sharing scooters, a collaboration to promote inclusion and correct parking, press office source

Sharing scooters: here’s how to use them correctly

Voi Technology, present in Milan since July 2020 with its fleet of 750 shared electric scooters. They are distinguished by their coral pink livery. An experimental phase of inclusion begins. This is aimed at people with physical or mental disadvantages.

Single mothers, ex-convicts or ex-drug addicts to enter or re-enter the world of work with the Social cooperative type B, Detto Fatto shareholder of Consortium Farsi Prossimoborn in 1998 in Milan.

The experiment starts from Milan

The experiment provides for the occasional involvement of Cooperative workers who support Voi Technology. In the correct parking of their electric scooters in areas affected by major city events.

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Like last Men’s Fashion Week (from 16 to 21 June) and del PRIDE Milan (Saturday 24 June). To date a temporary involvement.

In view of a more assiduous and continuous collaboration. If Voi Technology should be chosen, by the Municipality of Milan, among the operators.

These will be able to continue to carry out their activity after the publication of the relevant public notice.

Sharing scooters, a collaboration to promote inclusion and correct parking, press office sourceSharing scooters, a collaboration to promote inclusion and correct parking, press office source

Sharing scooters, the objectives of the initiative

This collaboration is part of the learning paths of practical, technical and social skills that the Said Done Cooperative provides for its workers. In order to ensure their integration or reintegration into the world of work.

In particular, through the collaboration with Voi Technologythe workers of the Said Done Cooperative involved, they were able to enrich their knowledge and skills in terms of:

  • Knowledge of the sharing electric micro mobility sector;
  • Knowledge of the rules of proper parking and the areas where it is permitted;
  • Use of the company’s mobile app and increase one’s digital skills;
  • Action of “unlocking” and “locking” of the scooter,
  • Ability to drive the vehicle,
  • Expertise in repositioning the vehicle in safe areas and where parking of the vehicle is permitted

Thanks to the involvement of the workers of the Detto Fatto Cooperative, Voi Technology was able and able to guarantee the correct parking of its fleet in the Quadrilatero della moda and Via Tortona areas during the Milan Fashion Week and in the Parco della Pace area on the occasion of the Final Concert for PRIDE Milano, helping to keep areas with a large influx of people clean, tidy and safe. The colleagues of Detto Fatto have reparked around 200 vehicles and moved around 50.

The words of the director of Voi Technology Italy-Spain

Folco Gervasutti, Corporate Communication Director of Voi Technology for Italy and Spain: : “At Voi Technology we support the local community. We work in collaboration with the actors of the city or its surroundings who can help us offer an increasingly efficient and safe service for the city and its towns and citizens. Knowledge of the related industries that our economic sector already creates today and which will be able to create even more in the future, as soon as the operators to whom the next service will be assigned will have a more significant fleet available to be able to implement even larger and more continuous investments in the city. This “taste” and experiment carried out with and thanks to the Detto Fatto Social Cooperative, has shown us that the path of inclusion and job creation is one of those in which we are committed to wanting to invest more in the future”

Luigi Saracino, Vice President of Detto Fatto SCS “The meeting with Voi Technology and the experimentation of these days are a sign of attention to the themes of urban decorum, active citizenship and work inclusion. The encounter between our realities is a sign! These signs are for us the concrete possibility of spaces of beauty and recognition that make the city more beautiful for everyone!”.

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