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A Story of Modern Love: the short available on YouTube

A Story of Modern Love: Short film is the new short film written and directed by Marco Roccia, available on YouTube

A Story of Modern Love: Short film is the short film that is currently shooting on the Youtube platform. Written and directed by Marco Roccia, a young boy Calabrese of 24 yearswho lives in Cosenza.

A Story of Modern Love: the short available on YouTube

Concept of the project A Story of Modern Love: Short film

The short film A Story of Modern Love: Short filmis focused only and solely on a single theme, namely: the love.

Love that we can distinguish in many facets.

In this case, Marco Rocciawanted to outline love as a breath of wind, which is there, almost as if it could be touched, but just as the wind flies away, without having time to catch it, just as can be seen in the video, love between the two young people, carried away by each other’s thoughts, who, however, do not have the courage to write to each other.

In fact, we see very well how the two protagonists of the story are so tempted to write a message to each other, continuously pressing on the keys of the mobile phone, even writing the text of the message, almost convinced that they can send it, and then repent instantly. himself, erasing all the writing. Discouraged and demoralized that the other person may not return the message.

Exactly as he stated the same Marco:

The theme of the short film, was shot at no cost, and is the demonstration of what happens to many and different people in love who are afraid to take the first step and perhaps preclude themselves from possible happiness, convinced of the fact that, other part of the screen does not experience the same things.

A Story of Modern Love: the short available on YouTube

The director is absolutely right, because there are many episodes of this kind in Italy. Lovers often get stuck e they lose heart, letting themselves be pervaded by fear, of not being liked, of not being understood, of not being reciprocated or simply loved.

And instead the reality of the facts is very different and much simpler and more linear, in fact just as we see in the video the love between the two And reciprocated, their thoughts travel on the same wavelength, connected and linked together, and if only one of them had written the other, they would have known.

So don’t be afraid, don’t be shy or fearful, trust yourself, take courage, live.

In love, always do what is on your minddo not repress your feelings, hiding them will lead you nowhere. Live as if there is no tomorrow, and always push yourself beyond your expectations, do not live with regrets, they are useless.

Live and love, but above all allow yourself to love and make yourselves loved.

Direction, cast and music: A Story of Modern Love: Short film

A Story of Modern Love: Short filmwas written, and directed by Marco Rocciathe protagonists of the short film, who have lent their faces to the camera are Alessandra Roccia e Francesco Carbone.

The music accompanying the video is: Beneath the Moonlight. We at tuttotek invite you to view the beautiful short film by Marco Rocciaand to subscribe to his channel.

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