A summer full of technology with the ecosystem of new mobile devices from TCL

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New TCL mobile devices: TCL 40 Series, TCL NXTPAPER, TCL TAB 11, TCL LINKZONE routers and the innovative Smart Glasses

The summer season brings with it a cheerful atmosphere and, when the sun is shining, it is essential to capture and savor every experience to the fullest with the right devices. The vibrant hues of these warm months are captured perfectly by US cameras smartphone TCL Serie 40; also equipped with brilliant displays and NXTVISION technology.

With the TCL NXTPAPER 11 and TCL TAB 11 tablets, holidays are meant for memorable moments. To ensure an uninterrupted connection, even on the beach, the TCL LINKZONE router cannot be missing. Finally, for technology lovers always looking for out of the ordinary experiences, NXTWEAR S smart glasses are the ideal device to enjoy an immersive and private visual experience.

A summer full of technology with the ecosystem of new mobile devices from TCL

New mobile devices from TCL: TCL 40 Series

The TCL 40 Series smartphones are the perfect allies for a colorful and carefree summer. The long battery life, the brilliance of the displays and the beauty of the high-quality cameras they will ensure months full of indelible memories.

TCL 40SE is the perfect smartphone to capture your summer memories thanks to the 50MP AI triple camera. The smartphone is available in two elegant colors, Twilight Purple and Dark Gray, perfect for combining with any look. Furthermore, the display with NXTVISION technology ensures absolute sharpness and brilliant colors to enjoy your favorite TV series even on the beach.

TCL 408 assicura, thanks to its 5000mAh battery, up to two days of use, becoming the perfect adventure companion during the summer holidays. The 12nm Octa-core processor allows users to handle multi-tasking with ease and ensures a smoother gaming and streaming experience anywhere, anytime. The NXTVISION display offers spectacular colors to better enjoy any multimedia content accompanied by immersive stereo sound thanks to the dual speakers.

TCL 405, elegant and with a sophisticated design, is the perfect smartphone for anyone looking for a reliable travel companion for their holidays. The 13MP AI dual camera with 2MP depth lens inspires creativity and captures the best shots in vivid, sharp colors. The 6.6-inch HD display, with 20:9 aspect ratio, offers you an excellent cinematic experience. The different eye protection modes also ensure comfortable viewing during daily use.

A summer full of technology with the ecosystem of new mobile devices from TCL

New mobile devices from TCL: the TCL Tablets

To make your holiday even smarter, you cannot miss a comfortable tablet for viewing content, for summer homework or for keeping in touch with your friends and family. The range of TCL tablets, with an elegant and light design, offers optimal performance thanks to the photographic and audio compartmentsas well as bright displays designed to protect eye health.

TCL NXTPAPER 11 features an 11-inch 2K display with innovative NXTPAPER 2.0 technology for an improved and brighter viewing experience even under bright sunlight. Perfect for the beach, its display lets you immerse yourself in any content, whether it’s a compelling eBook or the latest streaming series.

The innovative Read Mode offers a grayscale effect that emulates a paper-like experience, making TCL NXTPAPER 11 a must-have for avid readers. Thanks to AI Visual Boost technology, the tablet TCL NXTPAPER 11 is the perfect entertainment hub to take along on vacation.

In addition to image quality, users require a top-of-the-range audio sector for an immersive and engaging experience. The four-speaker system of TCL NXTPAPER 11, combined with the Digital Theater System, delivers a deep, bass-rich surround experienceperfect for enjoying a movie with friends after a long day at the beach.

A summer full of technology with the ecosystem of new mobile devices from TCL


Ideal for those who love home entertainment, it brings an unforgettable cinematic experience on holiday. Thanks to the clear 11-inch 2K display and four Sound Booster speakers, it is the perfect device to take with you on long trips or to watch a movie with friends.

Powered by 4GB RAM and supported by up to 128GB storageTCL TAB 11 keeps pace and allows, thanks to the 8000mAh battery to concentrate when inspiration strikes without being interrupted to recharge the device.

Router portatile TCL LINKZONE MW63

For those looking for reliable 4G Wi-Fi for everyday use or on the go, the TCL LINKZONE MW63 is the ideal device. This CAT6 mobile Wi-Fi solution with optional eSIM compatibility offers download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps, for all those who decide to work remotely from the sea or the mountains.

With an elegant black or white design, TCL LINKZONE MW63 is equipped with a 2150mAh Li-ion battery. This offers up to 8 hours of working time and up to 300 hours of standby time, and supports up to 32 devices connected simultaneously.


TCL NXTWEAR S smart glasses are the future of wearable devices. Equipped with two Micro OLED FHD displays, TCL NXTWEAR S offer an immersive viewing environment, similar to that of a 130-inch display at 4 meters away. To also elevate the audio experience, TCL smart glasses have two speakers positioned on the frame of the glasses to offer clear and precise sound.

For an even more personalized audio experience, Bluetooth headsets can be easily connected, ensuring that your favorite content remains a pleasure, without external intrusion.

Designed to ensure maximum comfort; TCL NXTWEAR S are equipped with two comfortable control wheels directly on the glasses for intuitive adjustment of sound and brightness. In addition, they feature an adjustable myopia frame for a comfortable and personalized viewing experience.

New mobile devices from TCL: prices and availability

  • TCL 40 SE: starting from €219.90 in the 6GB + 256GB version e €179.90 in the 4GB + 128GB versionavailable in Italy in Dark Gray and Twilight Purple colors.
  • The TCL 408: starting from €149.90available in Italy in Gravity Gray and Midnight Blue colors.
  • TCL 405: starting from €119.90available in Italy in Dark Gray and Lavender Purple colors.
  • The TCL NXTPAPER 11: starting at €249.90available in Italy in the Dark Gray color.
  • TCL TAB 11: starting from €199.90available in Italy in the Dark Gray color.
  • The TCL LINKZONE MW63: starting at €79.90available in Italy in the colors Black and White.
  • TCL NXTWEAR S: starting at €499.90available in Italy in the Dark Gray colour.

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