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Acer further invests in ChromeOS and enhances the Cloud Partner Program

Acer further invests in ChromeOS and enhances the Cloud Partner Program. New updates offer additional benefits to partners with extensive knowledge of Acer hardware and ChromeOS solutions

As the undisputed leader in the ChromeOS market, Acer has decided to further strengthen the Cloud Partner Program; a vertical certification for partners with extensive knowledge of ChromeOS solutions.

A choice not only dictated by the need to allow one’s channel to expand into the small and medium-sized market segments; but also to capture greater demand and offer new valuable services to their customers.

The indirect sales model, which has been central to Acer’s great successes of the last 20 years, remains unchanged. The Acer for Business Division continues to prioritize small and medium-sized businesses and public administration; which together represent around 25% of the Total Available Market.

These markets are offered not only a full line of high-performance products, but also a range of services and solutions designed to support partners in their day-to-day operations.

Acer further invests in ChromeOS and enhances the Cloud Partner Program

Details on the Acer ChromeOS and Cloud Partner Program

The Acer Cloud Partners can now enjoy an upgraded package. This includes subscriptions to enterprise licenses, free training and webinar attendance, exclusive support tools, and the opportunity to take advantage of trade-in and service programs.

These benefits are in addition to the program’s existing benefits, such as business development and direct sales support, the Synergy Program reward plan, and access to demos and demo units.

While hardware and software play a vital role in the buying process, partners are looking for qualified support available 24/7 and Acer is fully committed to offering them the best in the industry. From online support to onsite repairs, warranty extensions to accidental damage insurance, data recovery and more.

Just like all Acer Synergy Partners, Acer Cloud Partners have full access to Acer’s international network of repair centers. Acer is the only brand to own its own ISO 9001 certified repair centers, which represents a significant investment for the company and an important added value for its partners.

Acer’s outstanding customer service has been recognized throughout Europegaining praise from La Repubblica in Italy, Disq Test in Germany, and receiving the Customer Service of the Year award in France and Spain.

Furthermore, thanks to the White-Glove service, Acer Cloud Partners can take advantage of ZTE (Zero Touch Enrollment) support to easily register Acer Chromebooks in the corporate domain; ensuring their operational readiness.

This service also enables custom software installation, hardware upgrades, Chromebook label management, and convenient delivery of devices directly to customers’ offices.

New levels of training

To enhance the skills of partner sales teams, Acer and Google have opened the door to three levels of training:

  • through il ChromeOS Training Portal,
  • la Skillshop Training Platform di Googleto obtain certifications and credentials that allow you to obtain additional benefits,
  • and the Acer training on new Chromebooks/services.

Our main goal is to support Cloud Partners so that they can continue to grow their business, unlocking new opportunities with SMEs and large enterprises,

says Alessandro BarbestaCommercial Head di Acer Italy.

Since its launch three years ago, the Acer Cloud Partner Program has proven to be a very successful tool. Google is a key partner not only for its all-cloud solutions, but also for its adherence to our ESG objectives and our commitment to
sustainability. By leveraging Google’s expertise, we can develop more sustainable products and services, thereby better empowering our partners to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.

Acer Cloud Partner Program includes several additional key elements, which add value to the business.

Acer further invests in ChromeOS and enhances the Cloud Partner Program

Acer ChromeOS e Cloud Partner Program

Leasing: Acer Smart Finance is a subscription-based model for purchasing Acer devices and services which offers partners several benefits through a monthly subscription:

  • Eliminate huge upfront costs
  • It preserves liquidity, allowing you to defer your investment over time
  • It contributes to the circular economy by promoting reuse and reducing the environmental impact

Acer Smart Financing allows you to include “indirect costs” such as various accessories, software, services and guarantees. Payment terms can be customized from 2 to 5 years. Together with the subscription ChomeOS licensing option, partners can sell perpetual licenses or lease them, thereby gaining full control over customer relationships and contractual agreements.

XaaS: Acer-as-a-Service represents an important milestone in Acer’s approach to sustainable business growth. It offers a highly flexible solution to responsibly expand or scale your IT fleet through a simplified monthly contract. This “Pay for what you use” model is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Trade-In: Acer Trade-In Express is a powerful tool that helps businesses align their needs with an approach based on the circular economy. It offers advantageous residual values ​​for non-ChromeOS devices, while providing a robust value proposition for ChromeOS to dedicated resellers, generating demand and driving sales.

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