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A super cheap Apple Watch is coming

A super cheap Apple Watch is coming thumbnail

The Apple Watch Pro has attracted everyone’s attention, it is undeniable. Yet this will not be the only wearable presented by the Cupertino company. In fact, a recent New York Times report claims that a new model of Apple Watch “Cheaper than the Apple Watch SE“. A product designed to “compete more aggressively for young smartwatch customers”. After all, the trend of parents to use the smartwatch as smartphone substitute for the little ones. These devices, in fact, offer cellular connectivity for communication and monitoring, but the “miniature screens mitigate problems such as Internet addiction”. So let’s go see what surprises Apple has in store for us.

Apple Watch: an economic model for families is coming

According to reports from the NYT, it took Apple three years to add the “Family Configuration” to its wearable, allowing users to use the device with cellular connectivity. The reason? The Cupertino company had problems managing the battery life, as using the smartwatch independently of an iPhone has a major impact on the battery, as the watch has to do everything by itself rather than downloading certain activities to the paired iPhone. Therefore, now the company’s idea is to launch a “new version of the Apple Watch that is cheaper than the SE”.

According to the report, “the model will be introduced alongside other new versions of the watch, including a high-end wearable device for serious athletes that rivals fitness trackers made by its competitor Garmin.” And this can only mean one thing: today we will finally get to know the company’s new wearable. An inexpensive smartwatch, which could cost less than $ 279 – at least according to what the New York Times reported -. What the device name will be is unclear. Perhaps it could be a new Apple Watch SE, even cheaper. But we will find out in the day.

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