Apple: quando sarà il lancio del visore VR? L'attesa potrebbe essere lunga thumbnail

Apple working on three AR headsets

Apple working on three AR thumbnail viewers

Apple’s focus on augmented reality could lead the company to make more than one AR headset in quick succession. According to some rumors, in fact, the technological giant is at work not on one, but on three models of viewer. Although it is unclear when Apple really wants to launch them on the market.

AR viewer: Apple working on three different models

Apple’s leap to augmented and mixed reality will begin with its first AR headset, which features the code name N301 – Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports in the latest Power On newsletter. The device should be launched in 2023, so as to compete with Meta Quest Pro and, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, could be the most revolutionary consumer product after the iPhone. The second AR viewer, on the other hand, has the code name N602. And, apparently, Apple is preparing two different versions for the public, with the possibility of releasing a cheaper one.

Apparently, the second model could have a display da 4000 PPI using improved micro-OLED technology. In any case, one wonders how the third model Apple is working on will be different. And here’s the answer: As it turns out, this will look less like a bulky headset, and will be more like Apple’s AR glasses, which the company is rumored to be working on. An interesting project, which perhaps could be very expensive to carry out. In any case, we are confident that we will find out more about these projects in the near future. For now, Apple’s interest is all focused on the “Far Out” event.

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