A taste of Nothing phone’s design (1)

Un assaggio del design di Nothing phone (1) thumbnail

Nothing wanted to tell the path that is leading to the birth of phone (1), dgoing there a little taste ofl device design. In a new YouTube series, the Head of Design Tom Howard explains how they want to revolutionize the sector with an innovative device.

Nothing phone (1), a little taste of smartphone design

In the Nothing Updates series, the designer at the head of the design of Nothing wanted to explain how they came to develop the smartphone, now very close to launch. Starting from the fact that the first goal is to innovate, to find the best way to build and not adapt to the current standarde.

As Tom Howard explains, “Most Android smartphones follow the same internal pattern in terms of component placement, using straight connectors between the top and bottom to maximize efficiency. This has eliminated much of the art and innovationas few brands are willing to bear the costs, time and resources to challenge this trend. “

News that we will be able to see directly, given the transparent design for which Nothing is famous after the debut of ear (1). Howard explains that “in Nothing we want to bring the enthusiasm and optimism back to the industry. Our distinct identity of design is consistent across all products and is based on transparency, but in truth it is an uphill journey between designers and engineers “.

Nothing phone design drafts (1)

Nothing ear (1) made it possible to learn some of the peculiarities that those who build transparent devices must take into account. “We are a small company in a mature sector. Our debut product, ear (1), was the first opportunity to rethink the way things are done. For example, even the magnets had to be polished and the suppliers were not convinced at all. One even fired us, but with phone (1) we have a bigger challenge. “

Howard explained that the inspiration came from New York subway map by Massimo Vignelli. This gave the idea of ​​celebrating the coil of the refill wireless, which we will be able to see and will be the center of the “puzzle” of the components.

Soon we will be able to learn about new details and the price of Nothing phone (1), as well as see its design live. We will keep you informed.