Sony expects sales of PlayStation PC games to grow

Sony prevede una crescita delle vendite dei giochi PlayStation per PC thumbnail

In the last few hours Sony has shared the official numbers of sales of PlayStation PC games, specifying that it expects it to grow in the next fiscal year. During a briefing on the business segment, the CEO of PlayStation Jim Ryan spoke about Sony’s gaming and network services, sharing some interesting curiosities about the recent PC ports of the previous PlayStation exclusives. But let’s find out something more.

PlayStation for PC: Sony’s sales are set to grow

Released for PC in August 2020, the new version of Horizon Zero Dawn has allowed Sony to secure a fairly significant volume of sales. The famous title, in fact, managed to sell over 2.39 million copiesfor an overall gain of well 60 million dollars. And the same way Days Gone, Sony’s open-world game Bend Studio, sold over 852,000 copies in March 2022, with over $ 22.7 million in revenue. Additionally, as Ryan revealed, the popular PC port of God of War Sony Santa Monica has done quite well. The title sold nearly 1 million copies in less than three months, raising $ 26.2 million in revenue.

As you can see from the slide above, the sales growth of the PC version of these former PlayStation exclusives was significant. And Sony expects this to continue into fiscal 2022, and beyond. Not surprisingly, in July last year the company announced the acquisition of PC Porting Specialist Nixxes. The Dutch studio will provide high-quality in-house technology and development capabilities for Sony’s first party studios, i PlayStation Studios. “I have a lot of respect for Nixxes and am thrilled that this highly experienced team is joining SIE’s world-class development community,” Hulst said last year.

“They have a passion for improving games and delivering the best possible experience for players. Nixxes will be an important asset to all PlayStation Studios, helping our teams to focus on their most important goal, which is to create unique PlayStation content in the best possible quality. ” In short, there will be some big news regarding the PlayStation proposal for PC. And we can’t wait to discover them.