Abandoned is a PS5-exclusive survival game due out later this year

Abandoned is a PS5-exclusive survival game due out later this year

The PS5 line up will be enriched, by the end of the year, thanks to Abandoned, a new first-person survival game coming out at the end of the year

It is always nice when the best known IPs show up on time for the appeal of a new generation of gaming machines, driven by the curiosity to discover how the new potential can improve them. However, it is equally undeniable that the unpublished titles are one of the most anticipated and interesting moments of this new hardware course. Precisely for this reason the sudden and unexpected reveal of Abandoned has livened up a bit of this stammering start to 2021, which should welcome just that towards the end survival intended exclusively for PS5.

Abandoned announced for PS5

The announcement of Abandoned was made officially through the virtual pages of the PlayStation Blog, accompanying everything with a short teaser trailer, which we propose in the news. As revealed by the developers themselves, the game will be a cinematic first-person survival game, topped with horror and shooter elements. The story told will see the protagonist, Jason Longfield, waking up inside a strange forest, unaware of why he ended up there. Soon the man will discover that he has been kidnapped and taken to the place for an obscure reason, and will find himself having to fight for his freedom.

At the moment there is little information released regarding the production, and we only know that it will fully exploit the exclusive features offered by DualSense, as well as the 3D audio capabilities of the new Sony console.

Abandoned it is currently planned in fourth quarter of 2021, in exclusive to PS5, and while waiting for the release we invite you to keep an eye on the pages of Instant Gaming, where you will find many games at a discounted price.

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