About 400 Crypto accounts hacked earlier in the week

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The cryptocurrency exchange platform Crypto recently confirmed that approx 400 account of his clients were violated earlier this week. Let’s find out all the details of this unpleasant situation together.

Crypto Confirms: 400 Hacked Customer Accounts

Monday, the cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Singapore has suspended withdrawals after receiving reports of “suspicious activity” in user accounts. The announcement was made on Twitter, through a post. Later, the CEO of the company, Kris Marszalek, he told Bloomberg that the company is still working on an internal autopsy and will release more information in the coming days.

However, “given the scale of the business, these numbers are not particularly relevant, and client funds are not at risk,” he told Bloomberg. He later later revealed that all interested customers have been completely refunded, but without revealing the exact figure.

Furthermore, according to what Marszalek revealed to Bloomberg, the website has not received any communication from regulators about the incident. The CEO of the platform then stated:

This is obviously a great lesson and we will continue to strive to continually strengthen our infrastructure.

The company is currently working on a more detailed report to be published and shown to users in the next few days, when the entire investigation is finally over. However, we do not know the actual extent of the problem. Blockchain security and data analytics company PeckShield estimated that the platform has lost about 15 million dollars.

To this data we then add the analyzes of a user, ErgoBTC. According to him the movements on the blockchain reveal further suspicious transactions that hover around 18 million dollars. At the moment, therefore, we just have to wait for the final report of the company.

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