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Barbie x Balmain: here are the new accessories and exclusive NFTs!

The Barbie x Balmain collaboration is underway, bringing new accessories and a series of exclusive NFTs!

Mattel announces the launch of a dynamic and unprecedented partnership between the brand Barbie and the French luxury fashion brand Balmain. Developed to celebrate the impact that Barbie and Balmain have together on fashion and culture in a broader sense, the two brands have launched a new global collection of fashion and ready-to-wear accessories.

The collaboration also marks Barbie’s entry into the world of digital art, for the first time in its history. Together, the two entities are launching three NFT unique of Barbie and Ken avatars. Featuring Balmain’s complete looks, each is accompanied by a set of one-of-a-kind doll-sized Balmain garments, thus creating a unique collection of both physical and digital art.

These NFT Barbie x Balmain will be available exclusively on the Mattel Creations platform, through a’this online hosted on mintNFT, guaranteeing shoppers a unique place in the history of fashion right now as it is moving into the “virtual” world.

Barbie x Balmain: here are the new accessories and exclusive NFTs!

Barbie, with over 62 years of history, is recognized worldwide as an influential character and arbiter in the world of fashion and pop culture, creating an intersection between brand, art and collecting. In 2020, Mattel launched Mattel Creations, an e-commerce platform that connects Barbie (and Mattel’s iconic brand catalog) with a network of global manufacturers to produce limited edition creations where toys are a blank canvas for art and art is inspired by toys. With the rapid expansion of the digital metaverse, Mattel Creations has become especially prominent in the virtual space and is an exciting new platform offering digital art. Richard Dickson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mattel, he has declared:

Together, Barbie and Balmain are creating a new chapter in the history of the toy and fashion industries. As a fashion house aimed at innovation in unexpected and joyful ways, Balmain, under the creative direction of Olivier Rousteing, is the perfect partner to translate Barbie’s unique iconography into a modern iteration of digital art and physical fashion.

Barbie x Balmain: here are the new accessories and exclusive NFTs!

The Barbie x Balmain line of ready-to-wear and accessories is inspired by the established aesthetics and opulence that Rousteing has successfully established over the past decade and filters them through Barbie lens. From a nostalgic 90s Barbie logo to a Pantone “Barbie pink” to the iconic Barbie packaging, the collection of over 50 pieces by the Rousteing and Balmain team intertwines the iconicity of the toy with the hallmarks of the brand, such as the his marinière and Labyrinth motifs. Barbie and Balmain share a great passion for bright and upbeat iconography, and here they come together, in a balanced and wearable homage, to the exuberant legacy of both.

To celebrate the partnership, Barbie and Balmain have launched a digital campaign, which depicts the ready-to-wear and accessories collection on Barbie’s avatars. The promotion was conceptualized and designed by Charlotte Stockdale e Katie Lyall and photographed by Norbert Schoerner.

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