Club Foot dei Kasabian è il miglior brano nella storia di FIFA: lo afferma il Capo della musica di EA thumbnail

According to EA: “Kasabian’s Club Foot is the best track in FIFA history”

Kasabian's Club Foot is the best track in FIFA history, says EA's Head of Music thumbnail

What is the best FIFA song? Ask ten different players this question and you will get at least three different answers. For sure Song 2 gods Blur is the most iconic. But second Steve Cordpresident of music of EAthe best FIFA song is Club Foot dei Kasabian. The song, released in 2004 as a single on the Leicester band’s debut album, appears on the FIFA 13 soundtrack.

“The guys in that band are some of the most football obsessed people I know on planet Earth,” Schnur said of Kasabian. Despite his love for Kasabian, Schnur said Blur’s Song 2 remains “the football song par excellence”.

Club Foot, Song 2 or Rockafeller Skank: What is FiFA’s best song?

In our article, published just last week, we collected what for us are the best songs ever in the FIFA franchise. The video game series has in fact always paid enormous attention to the choice of songs, as confirmed by Schnur himself in a recent interview with NME.

“A friend of mine who lives in London says all of his friends are constantly discussing the best football songs in the pub,” said the executive. “FIFA has helped fuel the culture. Indeed, I would dare to say that we are culture ”.

FIFA 23, out on September 30th 2022, will be the last videogame of the popular football franchise, as it marks the definitive closure of the multi-year collaboration relationship between EA Sports and FIFA. Schnur promised that the game’s soundtrack will include over 100 songs.

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