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Google Tensor G2, the next chip for Pixel 7

Google announced that the new Pixel 7 will arrive on 6 October, less than a month after the launch of the new iPhones. And this year too Mountain View has decided to bring its own chip to the device, which will be called Google Tensor G2. Which promises to bring yet new smart features to Big G’s smartphones.

Google Tensor G2, the new Pixel 7 chip, has been announced

Until a few weeks ago we knew the new Google chip only from the alleged benchmarks the company is already working on, which reported the name GS201. But the name Tensor G2 confirms some important things for the future of the Pixels.

First, that this line of processors is here to stay. Google would be already working with Samsung’s foundries on the third generation and we think that they will all be called Tensor, increasing by “a G” each generation.

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Furthermore, in the teaser shown on the Pixel 7 product page, we learn what are the news that he wants to bring to the Android world. According to Google, in fact, it should bring “even more features that help and personalize photos, videos, security and voice recognition“.

It therefore seems that the company wants to insist where it is strongest. Google’s smart software already works wonders with photos and videos, with features like the removal of objects from the scene and color change of the framed elements. But also in the voice recognition of his assistant, as well as for automatic translations and subtitles.

In short, it seems that the 6 October Google will show us a Pixel 7 with some more software magic on the way. We can not wait.

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