Acer announces Bike Desk eKinekt BD 3, for a more active and sustainable lifestyle

Acer annuncia Bike Desk eKinekt BD 3, per uno stile di vita più attivo e sostenibile thumbnail

Acer revolutionizes the concept of sedentary lifestyle and mobility with the bike desk eKinekt BD 3a desk combined with a stationary bicycle, designed to promote one healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

EKinekt BD 3 by Acer, to be in training, even while working

EKinekt BD 3 is designed to allow users to train while they work, using the kinetic energy of pedaling to power the device and charge the devices. The LCD display and the application
for smartphones provide information that helps cyclists track their progress.

Just like a real bike or stationary bike for fitness enthusiasts, consumers can adjust the bike’s resistance, seat and desk height to suit their desired position, for a
more flexibility and comfort while working or exercising.

Thanks to this revolutionary idea, kinetic energy is converted into reusable electricity. In fact, while the cyclist pedals, eKinekt converts the energy into electric charge. For example, an hour of constant pedaling on the bike desk at 60 rpm can generate up to 75 watts in energiaused to charge laptops and other devices.

To protect the environment, the eKinekt BD 3 work surface and the frame that protects the bicycle components are made of post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR).

The multifunctional bike desk is also equipped with two USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C port, useful for recharging multiple mobile devices at the same time. An LED charge indicator on the rear of the bike comes on when you pedal, signaling that kinetic energy is being converted.

The large surface area of ​​the desk provides a comfortable workspace, while the adjustable height of the table and seat allow you to always settle in a comfortable position. There is also a purse hook and a drink holder.

Work and Sport modes

The eKinekt has two modes: work e sport.

In work mode, the desk surface moves closer to the chair to allow the pedaler to
maintain an upright position while writing and pedaling; in sport mode, the deck moves forward, providing more lean space and increasing pedaling power.

To return to work mode, simply slide the desk surface back to its original position.

In addition with theapplication of eKinekt it is very easy to stay updated in real time to check the duration of the ride, the distance and the speed, simultaneously indicating the estimated number of calories burned and the watts generated during the session.

For more comprehensive tracking, users can enter personal information such as height, weight, gender, and age.

EKinekt BD 3 will be available in Italy from June, starting from 999,00 euro. For more information on availability, equipment and prices, please contact Acer Italy at the following link.

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