Acer B248Y review: the all-rounder for the office

Acer B248Y review: the all-rounder for the office

In this review we will discover the brand new Acer B248Y, full HD monitor from 23.8 inches ideal for office work and beyond

The historical period we are going through is imposing on millions of people around the world a remote work. Being able to count on a reliable monitor, handsome and above all feature-rich it certainly can make the difference increasing in an important way ours Yield it’s ours productivity. Today I’m talking about a monitor kindly provided to us directly by Acer. I’m talking about the new B248Y, new model for the office of Serie 8. Let’s not get lost in a further chat and let’s see how he behaved.

Unboxing and editing | Acer B248Y review

The monitor comes in the classic box on cartone decorated with black writing, padded for good of polystyrene protective. Each component, including the panel, is held firmly in place. The assembly of the monitor was quite a lot simple. Inside the box we will find three different pieces: the base, the arm and the panel. In addition, we will find the two screws which will fix the adjustable arm to the base. Once the supporting structure has been assembled, it will be enough to easily fit the panel to the arm.

Acer B248Y review: the all-rounder for the office


  • Acer B248Y review: the all-rounder for the office


  • I particularly appreciated the mounting system and disassembly, without too many screws or unnecessary instructions. The password is ease of use and these days it’s a deciding factor in choosing any hardware device. Particularly deserving of praise also i materials and their solidity, which in any case will be analyzed and discussed as they deserve in the next paragraph. To conclude, as regards the wiring, we find the power cable (very discreet and not bulky at all), a cable HDMI and a cable DisplayPort.

    Technical features | Acer B248Y review

    Before delving into the user experience, the potential inherent in the monitor itself, the necessary roundup of technical specifications must be made that certainly only increase the validity and consideration of this monitor.

    Panel specifications

    • Panel size: 23.8 in
    • Color: nero
    • Maximum Resolution and Refresh Rate: 1920 x 1080 @ 75Hz
    • Response time: 4ms (G to G)
    • Contrast fraction: 100 million/1 max (ACM)
    • Brightness: 250 nights (cd / m ^ 2)
    • Viewing angle: 178° (H), 178° (V)
    • Colors: 16.7 million
    • Color Gamut: 72% NTSC

    System Specifications

    • VESA connection: Sì, 100 x 100 mm
    • Speaker: 2W x 2
    • Horizontal and height adjustment: -5° – 35° / 150 mm

    Now let’s finally talk about input ports. A self-respecting office monitor must give the possibility to connect in a manner simple e rapid every possible device. From this point of view, this monitor has a enviable number of ports:

    • HDMI 2.0
    • Display Port 1.2
    • Type C (PD100W)
    • RJ45 (cavo Ethernet)
    • 4x USB 3.0
    • Built-in webcam
    • Headphone jack

    Acer B248Y review: the all-rounder for the office

    Design and materials | Acer B248Y review

    Leaving behind the technical characteristics, let’s finally talk about sensations, of design, of materials and solidity. Let’s start with the things I absolutely loved. As I mentioned before, in the paragraph on unboxing and editing, I really found very comfortable assembly. The base and the arm are really a lot solid, heavy, give just the feeling of handling a premium product. The black plastic coating gives a touch of elegance, and the monitor, being practically borderless, it is a pleasure to see even when switched off.

    Let’s move on to the points that didn’t impress me. Let’s start with base, certainly very solid and aesthetically pleasing, it is perhaps a bit ‘ bulky especially if you use a desk that is not very deep. Secondly i function keys are located on the back of the panel on the right side. In this case, a little healthy habit would certainly suffice, however I would have preferred at least the shutdown button positioned asymmetrically with respect to the other keys. Especially in configurations with several monitors close together, it would be rather inconvenient to place this as the left monitor as the position of the function keys (including the switch-off key) does not facilitate.

    User experience and main functions | Acer B248Y review

    Let’s finally move on to the pivotal paragraph of each review. How I found myself with this Acer B248Y? My goal will be to analyze each of my feelings point by point by dividing them into subparagraphs. This way you can focus on what interests you most.


    It is probably one of the more panels bright, heterogeneous ed balanced never tried. This monitor is certainly intended for consumer use, therefore suitable for office work. However, the panel is really reliable, thanks also to the Delta E color accuracy <2. This feature guarantees a perfect correspondence between what is the displayed color and what is the color received by our eye.

    Acer B248Y review: the all-rounder for the office

    Like any self-respecting monitor, especially if oriented to office work, it mounts every system on board for the protection of our sight. For this they are available functions of LightSense e ColorSense. In this way it will be automatically adjusted the brightness and temperature of color in relation to the environmental one. I also tested the monitor with video editing software ed image processing. The panel is really reliable, it performs well.

    A little off-topic, or maybe not… My deformation from gamer inveterate prompted me to test this monitor even in a distant field. I tested the monitor with mine PS4, in full HD (its maximum resolution). L’experience game was really Great, nothing to envy to more famous monitors. Clearly the 75 Hz limit it would castrate its performance in the case of more performing PC (or next-gen console) configurations.

    Physical adjustment of the panel

    The adjustable arm with which this monitor is equipped is truly excellent. It can be positioned in any position, inclination and height. A real comfort for office work and more. The fact of being able to rotate it allows, if you have customers in the studio, to make them participate in a very simple way by rotating the panel without having to approach the customer.


    Definitely a strength that I really appreciated. Starting from speaker and from webcam integrated (which I need to deepen in a dedicated sub-paragraph) up to countless door of input. Lots of video ports, USB and the input for the LAN cable which allows you to manage configurations multi-PC and enable type functions docking station.

    Acer B248Y review: the all-rounder for the office

    It is in fact possible to connect the notebook directly and take advantage of video connections e data directly by recharging the device. Finally, the location of the two USBs and the headphone jack placed on the left side and easily accessible.

    Built-in speaker and webcam

    In my opinion, the completeness of a product is also measured in relation to benefits you have using it. Within this Acer B248Y have been mounted due speaker da 2W each and one webcam located on the top of the monitor. Let’s start with speaker, certainly a lot modest and with a decidedly thin and not at all brilliant sound. But I really appreciated the fact that they were present, despite the quality not at monitor level.

    Let’s move on to webcam, clearly usable only if you connect the monitor via a connection that allows the passage of data. Enough too modest, not overly performing, but damn useful, suitable for work calls where one is not needed brilliant video quality.

    Acer B248Y review: the all-rounder for the office

    Conclusions and prices

    We have reached the end of the review, it is time for sum up. I really enjoyed this monitor, from the assembly phase to the user experience, you are advised to use a cured product, performing and suitable for office work, and perhaps even something more. There chromatic fidelity, the functions for the well-being of sight, together with all those precautions in terms of design make it a really successful product. The Acer B248Y is not yet available for purchase, but you will find it soon on the market at a price around € 249.99. Even the price, all things considered, it is more than justified and in line with the market and with the main competitors.

    What do you think of this Acer B248Y? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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