Diamond Select Toys: the news of the 2021 showcase!

Diamond Select Toys: the news of the 2021 showcase!

Although the New York Toy Fair has been canceled, Diamond Select Toys hosted a virtual showcase to present the releases scheduled for 2021 and the first months of 2022.

After unveiling numerous statues and action figures over the past few weeks, Diamond Select Toys held a new virtual event. Although the fairs are still on stand-by, and the New York Toy Fair 2021 was also canceled, the company has organized a showcase to show the upcoming scheduled releases. Last Friday 9 April, at 12:00 PM, the DST Showcase 2021 was held during which the releases for 2021 and the first months of 2022 were shown. The event was presented by the president Chuck Third, by the director of Design and Development Dev Hilmore, and by the Product Manager Robert Yee. Let’s find out the details of the Diamond Select Toys showcase 2021.

Many brands for the Diamond Select Toys showcase: the details

As already mentioned, the showcase was visible in streaming this Friday 9 April at 12:00 PM. The event was aired on the Diamond Select Toys Facebook page and Youtube channel. In case you missed it, don’t worry because the event is available on the company’s social channels. Furthermore, Diamond Select Toys had revealed a preview list of the products to be presented. The list, including statues and action figures from numerous brands, included:

  • Cobra Kai Deluxe Action Figures Series 1
  • Deluxe Action Figures Series 4 dal Lord of the Rings
  • New statues from Star Wars
  • Tron Retro Action Figure San Diego Box Set
  • Exclusive on a new agreement with Marvel
  • Invader Zim, Godzilla, Invincible, Avatar The Last Airbender, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Crow e tanto altro!

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