Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition: Contents jump off the screen!

The new Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition uses artificial intelligence to automatically convert 2D content such as videos, images, simple video games and webcam feed of video calls to stereoscopic 3D for one-of-a-kind feedback

Acer announces the ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition laptop (CN715-73G) which offers designers and developers incredible stereoscopic 3D viewing, without having to wear glasses. This mobile workstation is equipped with the Acer SpatialLabs suite with cutting-edge optical solutions and sensory and vision technologies to provide a physical perception of the virtual world and offer stereoscopic 3D experiences in a new and intuitive way. The device is also backed by the NVIDIA Studio ecosystem and is equipped with a Laptop GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 with unique driver technology that empowers creative applications for optimal levels of performance and reliability. The new ConceptD 7 is the ideal laptop for 3D modeling and it’s an excellent laptop for developers. They are also announced a ConceptD 3 version with a 16:10 display and a 15-inch version of the ConceptD 3 Ezel. Jerry Kao, Co-COO of Acer Inc. explains:

Acer is dedicated to breaking down the barriers between people and technology. SpatialLabs is a fantastic example of the way we work and we set this goal as the guiding principle of all our actions. From product and architectural CAD to projects made with 3D graphics, designers can finally see their creations directly in 3D already during the workflow, so that they can immediately evaluate any changes to be made to the project they are working on. Developers also have a solution that allows them to propose new ways to tell stories and bring their ideas to life.

Acer ConceptD: powerful hardware, innovative technology

You need a really powerful device to return 3D models in real time and that’s why Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition has been equipped with up to 11th generation Intel Core i7 processors, GPUs up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop, up to 64GB DDR4 memory and up to 2TB NVMe PCIe SSD storage. This hardware is associated with a display UHD 4K PANTONE certified – boasting a wide range of color technologies for cover 100% of the Adobe RGB gamut and achieve Delta E <2 color rendering accuracy, ensuring that the stereoscopic 3D screen rendering matches exactly what designers expect to see.

Above the screen is a series of stereoscopic cameras that track the position and movements of the user’s eyes and head to return stereoscopic images in 3D. This is achieved by projecting two slightly different images, one for each eye, through a lens attached to the display panel. Real-time rendering technologies make it possible to immediately render the 3D image. In this way, by rotating the head, the user will see the object move as if it were physically in front of it. The computer is also equipped with a suite of technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) which allows you to generate stereoscopic images and transform standard 2D content into three-dimensional images.

Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition: Contents jump off the screen!

Acer ConceptD: stereoscopic 3D software for designers

Coming as standard, SpatialLabs allows designers to see their designs come to life in real time. Support for all major 3D file formats allows you to convert 3D models into stereoscopic 3D images simply by importing them into SpatialLabs Model Viewer, where they will be able to adjust the lighting, textures and backgrounds in HDR and thus obtain the optimal settings to present the work. Additionally, SpatialLabs Model Viewer add-ons are currently available for eight 3D software suites, including Autodesk Fusion 360, Rhinoceros e Zbrush, to export models created with these applications directly into SpatialLabs Model Viewer with a single click for stereoscopic 3D viewing.

The laptop can also be used in tandem with an extended 2D screen making it possible the creation and modification of contents on a 2D monitor and then viewing the result in stereoscopic 3D on the SpatialLabs device. This feature speeds up the process of identifying any issues in the project and greatly improves workflow: designers can use SpatialLabs Model Viewer to get an idea of ​​the final appearance of the object they are designing before investing time and resources in the creation of a prototype. Project leaders will also be able to give designers more precise feedback at each stage of the project, while clients will be able to view an image of the prototype to assess whether it meets their expectations.

The proprietary solution Acer SpatialLabs Go It has also been updated with AI-based technologies that enable stereoscopic 3D content to be generated from most 2D content that can be viewed full screen, such as photos, videos, simple video games and even video conferencing.

Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition: Contents jump off the screen!

Acer SpatialLabs Developer Site – plug-in per Unreal Engine Plug- e soluzione Ultraleap Hand Tracking

In May 2021 Acer launched the SpatialLabs program for Unreal Engine, a powerful 3D tool for creating interactive content which allows developers to collaborate more effectively and iterate changes quickly, without compromising on quality and scalability. Concurrently with the launch of the ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition laptop, Acer unveiled the SpatialLabs Developer website, from which developers can access all the tools they need, including il plug-in a Unreal Engine and support for Ultraleap Hand Tracking. With Ultraleap’s new hardware and software, developers can enter commands through simple hand gestures rather than using a mouse or controller. This allows for a much more natural user experience and reduces the need to physically touch the device, a particularly useful feature when interacting with displays located in high traffic areas such as a museum or showroom, with an additional advantage. in terms of hygiene.

The program also includes collaboration between developers and Acer on a number of innovative content, applications and projects, all created with Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition laptops. Eg:

  • ?? a car configurator which allows dealers to show customers different models and options even in configurations that are not physically present on the cars on site.
  • The interior architects they can share with customers a path of the spaces to give them a precise idea of ​​the arrangement of the objects that are inserted there.
  • the motion capture technologies make it possible to create videos with volumetric depth that allows users to enjoy a 360 degree cinematic experience anywhere in the world.
  • Lgeospatial observation of the earth collects high resolution images from satellites, aerial platforms and bathymetric sensors, merging them to create real 3D panoramas.

I laptop Acer ConceptD 3 Ezel Convertible e ConceptD 3 16:10

Acer has also extended the ConceptD 3 product line with several new models including a 16-inch laptop (CN316-73G) with a 16:10 display and a new one 15.6-inch convertible model (CC315-73G) with finger feathers up to Wacom EMR. Also available are ConceptD 3 Pro (CN316-73P) and ConceptD3 Ezel Pro (CC315-73P) models, both featuring up to Intel Core i7 processors capable of 4.6 GHz and NVIDIA T1200 Laptop GPUs.

All new Acer ConceptD 3 laptops feature a modern design with a MAO (Micro-Arc Oxidation) finishing bright white that resists stains and abrasions to protect the body of the device, made entirely of MgAl aluminum alloy. A PANTONE certified display with a Delta E classification <2 accurate color rendering ensures that even the smallest details look exactly the way the creator wants them.

Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition: Contents jump off the screen!

Prices and availability

  • ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition (CN715-73G) will be available in Italy in the first quarter of 2022 at the price of € 3.799,00.
  • ConceptD 3 (CN316-73G) will be available in Italy in November 2022 at the price of € 1.999,00.
  • ConceptD 3 Pro (CN316-73P) will be available in Italy in December at the price of € 2.099,00.
  • ConceptD 3 Donkey (CC315-73G) will be available in Italy in November at the price of € 2.199,00.
  • ConceptD 3 Easel Pro (CC315-73P) will be available in Italy in November at the price of € 2.299,00.

All the details can be found on the official Acer’s page. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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