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Acer Green Day: the digital event for advances in sustainability

Acer Green Day, the first digital event to tell the company’s progress in the field of sustainability, Acer engages an increasing number of partners and suppliers in the Earthion mission to amplify its positive impact on the environment

Il climate change and theanthropogenic impact on the environment, today more than ever require a change of pace and a strong collective commitment. In this direction Acer is urging suppliers and partners to join forces to reduce environmental impact and save valuable resources through the transition to a circular economy.

According to Thomson Reuters Foundationin the 2022 it will be necessary to redouble efforts to cut carbon emissions accumulated over the past decade, in concerted action to keep global warming within the limits of 1,5° C and minimize the impact of climate change on the planet and its inhabitants.

Aware of the urgency of a sudden intervention, Acer asks an increasing number of companies to join forces, sharing the important results achieved to date in favor of the environment and obtained thanks to the collaboration with partners, suppliers and employees.

With this purposeful spirit, Acer first announced the Green Dayand global event streaming which aims to inspire others to do their part for Terra.

Acer Green Day: the digital event for advances in sustainability

Acer: on the sustainability front for over ten years

Acer, undertakes on the front of the sustainability from over ten years: in the 2008 introduced the CDP Supply Chain, to report carbon emissions, identify risks and identify opportunities throughout its supply chain, extending its coverage to a third level starting this year.

In the 2013 the company has also started making i packaging of its notebook PCs with ever-increasing percentages of recycled materials and in 2017 he threw Project Humanity, with the aim of involving its employees and spreading a corporate culture oriented towards sustainability. To date, more than 70% of Acer employees are involved in the project.


In line with its environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment, Acer launched the program in 2021 Earthionextending environmental initiatives to partners and suppliers, focusing above all on energy consumption, product and packaging design, production, logistics and recycling.

Acer in fact she is more and more convinced of the role strategic and essential of each, which in every phase of the process (from product design to production) with small precautions can generate a strong positive impact on the environment. As a manifestation of these efforts, in 2021 the line of devices was launched eco-sustainable, Acer Veromade in part with ecological and recycled materials, as well as designed to last longer.

Acer Green Day: the digital event for advances in sustainability

Responsible production and logistics systems

To counteract the environmental impact of production processesAcer has intensified cooperation with partners Compal and Quantawith the aim of improving their waste management systems.

The reduction in the amount of security tape used for packaging pallet, was one of the changes made to reduce non-recyclable waste in the logistics system. After careful evaluation and testing to verify the security levels of the packages, Acer was able to remove the unnecessary safety tapes from your shipments, with an expected saving of approx 5.500 km of tape in 2023equal to the distance from Londra a New York.

The creation of a carbon accounting system linked to the transport of products was a further important step in ecological policy of the companyespecially considering the fact that the industries of the freight transport and logistics, contribute for almost the 10%of global emissions of saw gas. The system offers a unified approach to measuring and detecting greenhouse gas emissions generated by Acer’s logistics, which can be deployed around the world.

Acer Green Day: the digital event for advances in sustainability

Smart city solutions help conserve resources

In line with the own missionAcer has been working on solutions for the smart city which reduce the waste of resources and, create more lifestyles efficient and sustainable. In several cities, the company has implemented a smart solution for the street parking and electric vehicle chargingwhich helps drivers reduce the time spent searching for parking and, consequently, energy consumption, thereby reducing traffic and carbon emissions.

Acer has also developed intelligent solutions for conserve watermonitor the air quality and improve the general conditions of thesurrounding environment.

Goal: to obtain 100% renewable energy sources by 2035

Acer Groupjoined the RE100 initiative, in 2021, and is committed to sourcing from renewable energy sources al 100% by 2035. In addition to the launch of the platform “Earthion”And the global adoption of the system CDPstarting to use green energy already in 2011with some locations that have also installed solar panels to generate energy on its own.

A fine 2020the Acer offices of over 30 countries in the world they used the 100% of renewable energy, while the 45% of the energy used by the Acer Group globally is renewable.

Convinced that sustainability is a global effort that will need every possible contribution to make a real difference. Not only does Acer aim to provide consumers with the opportunity to choose more environmentally friendly products, but it also aims to enable companies to join its journey in transitioning to a low-carbon, circular economy.

Acer Green Day: the digital event for advances in sustainability

21-Day Challenge

On the occasion ofAcer Green Dayalso kicked off the “21-Day Challenge”As part of the mission Earthionto encourage its employees to keep daily ecological behaviorsmaking them ahabit.

This challenge has now expanded to include Acer’s partner and supplier employees, as well as consumers, who will be able to participate through Instagram to # Acer21DayChallenge following several influencer who tell their stories about reduction / reuse / recycling and activities which integrate actions eco-friendly in their lifestyles.

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