Activision Blizzard: Microsoft does not intend to remove users from PlayStation

With the incredible news of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Phil Spencer wanted to reassure PlayStation players, explaining what the intentions behind this event are

The news of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft came like a bolt from the blue for a good part of users, especially given the statements made by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, just over a month ago. In fact, the most observant will have noticed a certain change in Spencer’s words, when last week he returned to talk about Activision Blizzard and how it was not up to him to judge an “external company”. In any case, the cards have been revealed, and it is normal that now under the command of Microsoft we would expect a total change in Activision Blizzard’s policy, especially with regard to the arrival of its games on the PlayStation platforms. And here Phil Spencer returns to the office with not too specific statements, but that however, they do provide some clues as to what will happen in the future for Activision’s most loved titles even by loyal Sony gamers.

Will Microsoft continue the relationship between Activision Blizzard and PlayStation?

There are a lot of variables that figure thanks to this acquisition. Among the most obvious, there is the exclusivity that will be born towards some intellectual properties of Activision Blizzard, which they will become titles for Xbox platforms only, and will not appear on rival ones. In addition, all this will certainly put a definitive conclusion to the partnership that Sony had with Call of Duty, and which gave the Japanese company a large number of exclusive content within the most famous shooter franchise. It would therefore be legitimate to ask what will become of the users who up to now have played the most famous titles of Activision Blizzard on PlayStation, and in what way Microsoft he will want to take advantage of this gigantic advantage he has managed to obtain.

On Bloomberg, Phil Spencer decides to answer this kind of perplexity as well. The Xbox boss does not make too concrete statements, but says that Microsoft’s intention is not that of remove users from the platforms PlayStation. He therefore seeks to give some relief to Activision Blizzard game players now located on Sony’s platforms, who will currently be the most concerned about the future. These words also bring to mind what the CEO himself said against the Bethesda acquisition, where the exclusive titles will be decided on a case by case basis, and the games belonging to the videogame house will not be removed from the various platforms.

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