Activision: Founded in-house syndicate by CoD Warzone developers

Within Activision, a union was founded in the last few hours by employees of the CoD developer Warzone

Thirty-four meters of Raven Software, I study Activision Blizzard responsible for his hugely popular battle royale, Call of Duty: Warzone, announced the founding of a trade union internally after weeks of strike over recently announced layoffs in their department. Game Workers Alliance, this is the name of the union, asks the publisher, who has joined Microsoft, to be publicly recognized. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Activision: the publisher has received a request from the Game Workers Alliance union to officially recognize the latter

Here comes the official, the employees of Raven (the developer of CoD Warzone) have founded a trade union At Activision“Today, I am proud to join the majority of my colleagues in creating our union, Game Workers Alliance (CWA),” said Becka Aigner, Raven’s QA II functional tester, in a press release.

In the video game industry, particularly at Raven, people love their work and the content they are creating. We want to make sure that the passion of these workers is accurately reflected in our workplace and the content we make. Our union is how our collective voices can be heard by Activision.

The Game Workers Alliance was formed with the support of the campaign to organize digital employees of the Communications Workers of America. Currently, this has the support of 78% of eligible workers, a CWA representative said to Polygon. Quality assurance testers have historically been overworked and underpaid at Activision Blizzard, as have most other publishers. The Game Workers Alliance has indicated to management that it must be officially recognized by January 25, before it proposes elections to the National Labor Review Board:

We ask that Activision Blizzard management respect Raven’s QA workers by voluntarily acknowledging representation of the CWA without hesitation. Under a collective bargaining agreement, the union will give Raven QA employees a voice in the workplace, improving the games we make and strengthening the company. Voluntary recognition is the rational way to follow.

An Activision Blizzard spokesperson told Kotaku in an email that the company is “carefully examining the CWA’s voluntary recognition application, which seeks to organize about three dozen of the company’s nearly 10,000 employees.” Meanwhile, fans of Warzone and other games of Call of Duty have been faced with an increasing number of bugs and performance issues, while management refused to meet the striking workers to discuss their demands. As for Microsoft, the giant has hinted that it will not take care of the disputes on abuse which have Activison as their protagonist.

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