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ADM – Live Demo: here’s how to test the new operating system of ASUSTOR NAS

The operating system of ASUSTOR NAS can be easily tested remotely thanks to ADM – Live Demo

The live version of ASUSTOR Data Master, ASUSTOR’s operating system, has now reached version 4.2. This allows you to:

  • explore its sophisticated features,
  • familiarize yourself with its interface,
  • browse the App Central store discover the hundreds of apps that can be installed on ASUSTOR NAS

and much more. ASUSTOR is one of the leading and innovative NAS manufacturers founded in 2011 with a direct investment from ASUSTek Computer Inc.. TheThe company has developed ADM – Live Demoa special version of its operating system, which allows potential buyers to discover its features remotely via a browser.

ADM - Live Demo: here's how to test the new operating system of ASUSTOR NAS

Details about ADM – Live Demo

Regarded by industry insiders as one of the most mature, reliable, and innovative NAS operating systems globally! ADM 4.2 as well as offering a wide range of sophisticated featuresprovides a user interface that is particularly simple to use and able to make even beginners feel at ease.

To allow you to evaluate its potential and familiarize yourself with its interface, ASUSTOR has released ADM – Live Demo. A version of its operating system that allows anyone to remotely connect to a virtual NAS and manage it with some limitations such as, for example: changing passwords, adding new users and installing new applications through the App Central store, which is however fully navigable .

Particularly interesting are the possibilities of:

  • explore the features that Photo Gallery 3 offers to allow easy management of your photographic archive,
  • those of the Snapshot Center and Archive Management,
  • ma also those of Dr. ASUSTOR.

This, after performing a diagnosis based on the NAS settings, offers a series of useful suggestions to minimize the risk of hacker attacks. To access ADM – Live Demo, simply connect to this link and enter the following credentials as your account and password: demo-it and demodemo.

And you? What do you think about this operating system ADM – Live Demo ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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