Adobe Express is enriched with a new Content Scheduler

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Building a successful social media presence isn’t easy at all. On the one hand it is necessary to conceive and design the contents, on the other hand it is necessary to find the right software for the purpose. Or rather, “the software”. In fact, a program or a platform is hardly enough to do everything. In fact, we usually have one app for creating content, another for scheduling, and another for publishing.
But now Adobe has decided to simplify the work of social media managers and content creators with the introduction of the new Content Scheduler from Adobe Express.

The new Adobe Express Content Scheduler

Last December, the American company announced the acquisition of ContentCal, leading solution in the social media and content marketing sector that ensured publication automation.
This maneuver allowed the two companies to work together to integrate this technology, giving life to the new one Content Schedulerincluded in the app Adobe Express.

But what exactly does it do?
First of all it allows to create and plan social media themes, topics and campaigns exploiting a single drag-and-drop calendar.

Content Scheduler Adobe Express Cloud

You then have the preview of each post and the possibility of manage the contents of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from one place, you saveso went time and money.

Content Scheduler how to use it

Il Content Scheduler is included in the Adobe Express premium plan, it is accessible via the web app and allows you to manage up to three social profiles.
If you are curious to try it but have not yet joined the premium plan, we remind you that you can try it for free for 30 days.

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