The best anime style smartphone games

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What are the best anime style smartphone games? Not just Genshin Impact, let’s find them out in this list

In the current videogame panorama, the side dedicated to mobile gaming probably lives its best moment thanks to free-to-play, video games that are downloadable and playable for free, but which also offer the possibility of in-app purchases for further improve the experience and, at the same time, support those who developed it and will continue to develop content in the long run.

Although over the last few years this type has been used by many developers all over the world, free-to-play, or f2p for short, are mainly used for Japanese and Asian productions, which therefore often tend to have that typical story, characters, and general flavor, which is very reminiscent of anime.

Obviously, the games taken from real animated series cannot be missing, but among the many games currently present in this genre, there are many that allow you to experience a very anime-style adventure. Let’s try to see which ones are currently the most interesting!

Honkai Impact

If you are a regular gamer and fan of anime and manga, in the past years the algorithm of the various social networks will surely have made you come across hordes of advertisements for Honkai Impact, a native mobile game developed by the Chinese. Hoyoverse, ex-MiHoyo. It is a game with action tones, where obviously a pinch of strategy is not lacking, in which the charismatic characters and the captivating story with a futuristic taste are obviously the masters, in short, one of those titles “to follow” in order not to get lost. nothing of the electrifying experience it offers. In order not to miss anything, the game has also arrived on PC.

Punishing: Gray Raven

Another game with an action flavor that immerses users in a very futuristic world. It is a product that makes “dodging” its trademark, requiring players to have a good alertness to avoid enemy shots at the right time and activate a momentary power-up useful to quickly get rid of the hordes of enemies and powerful bosses. .

Lord of Heroes

A very interesting turn-based RPG, in which the players will be called to take on the role of a King ready to his rise. Whether to conquer or offer alliance to the various territories of the users’ choice, adding battle after battle various heroes to their ranks, both obtained through history and through special summons. All obviously seasoned with 3D graphics capable of best representing the powerful attacks and special shots.

Epic Seven

While it’s not based on any series, it oozes typical anime vibes from every pore. It is not among the best known in the industry, and it is a great shame given what it manages to offer: a story capable of keeping players glued and a varied and interesting cast of characters. Also this time we are faced with an RPG, a product that requires a certain strategy in the formation of the party to be able to face the various challenges that it proposes within it, especially if you also intend to throw yourself into the PvP side.


A game with quite dark tones that, however, in its gloom, offers that typical aftertaste of anime. Directed by none other than Yoko Taro (NiER), this title offers a host of characters based on more or less well-known fairy tales, such as Alice, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood and many others, giving them a touch that is quite “deviated” from their own nature seen in their respective original fairy tales. SINoALICE and the other Yoko Taro games are defined among the best of the last generations, NieR: Automata in particular (released on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One) exceeded 5.5 million units sold worldwide last year. , as reported by Akiba GamersItalian site that deals with Made in Japan video games, anime, manga and Japanese culture.

Special mentions

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is certainly one of the mobile hits currently in circulation, again by Hoyoverse. It is one of those typical games capable of making you speechless if you think that it is a free-to-play, that is a downloadable and playable title for free. An intriguing story with fantasy tones takes place on a vast world to be explored, populated by interesting characters that we can then obtain through the usual gacha mechanics. A game with an action / hack ‘n slash flavor that, thanks to a different system of typical “energy” that distinguishes the various f2p, allows you to play practically uninterrupted. But why then did I include this game among the special mentions? Unlike Honkai Impact, Genshin is not a native mobile game and brought to other platforms later, but it saw the light at the same time also on PC and PlayStation 4, obviously raising the standards a little and bringing, to those in possession of those platforms, to prefer those over mobile.

Fate/Grand Order

Almost a must of the genre. One of the best known and most played free-to-play games in the world, but which for some reason has never made itself available in European stores (but nothing has prevented the problem from being solved by installing the American version). The game is based on the famous TYPE-MOON franchise, born as a visual novel with strong tones and with a success that literally exploded thanks to the various animated productions and derivative products born later. Fate / Grand Order is the typical turn-based RPG, in which it will be necessary to assemble a team composed of servants and craft essence, and then throw yourself into multi-stage battles in which to choose a combination of attacks to unleash all the fury of the various characters.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland

A mix between RPG and rhythm game seasoned with many beautiful bishonen, as can be found in many anime series, whose design is even created by none other than Yana Toboso (Black Butler – Kuroshitsuji). As in the case of Fate / Grand Order, also in this case the publisher has well thought of bringing the game out of Japan to keep it confined to North American territory. For what reason? Who knows … but there is certainly no shortage of ways to play it.