Adobe MAX 2022: collaboration and cloud to make life easier for creators

Adobe MAX 2022: collaborazione e cloud per semplificare la vita ai creator thumbnail

165 million. That’s the size of the creator community, at least according to research recently conducted by Adobe. A category, that of content creators, which is rapidly expanding and which today includes professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world. It is to them that the news announced by the American giant on the occasion of theAdobe MAX 2022news that all seem to go in one direction: save time for those who rely on Adobe programs by speeding up operations and workflows.

The agreement with RED and Fufjilm

He is the son of this philosophy the agreement with RED and Fujifilm, born with the aim of simplifying the life of those involved in video production. The two manufacturers of cameras and film cameras will boast a particular integration called “camera-to-cloud”: essentially i files will be uploaded directly to the Adobe cloud from the camera, without going through a possible PC, tablet, smartphone or SSD.
A solution that will not only save you the manual passage of files but that will even allow the editing in real time of what you are shooting.
What if I turn off the room? Do not panic: the upload stops and automatically resumes when restarted.

Are you curious to experience this novelty? Know that the integration with Fujifilm will arrive later this year while for the one with RED you will have to wait until spring 2023.

Collaboration and sharing

News is also coming on the front of collaboration and sharing of one’s work, starting from the fact that, working with any of the software included in the Adobe Creative Cloud, it will be possible publish the processed content directly on social networks.

The relationship between Photoshop e Illustratorwith the copy paste which becomes even quicker and faster to allow you to switch on the fly from AI to PS maintaining levels, fonts, sizes, alignment, orientation, Type functionality and much more.

Do you want two to work on the same file? You can do this with the function Invite to Edit while Share for Reviewcurrently in beta, allows share the file on the fly to collect feedback from customers and colleagues, feedback that will appear directly within the software, without having to rely on email, WeTransfer, endless chats or any other system for sharing your work and collecting comments and corrections. The system also allows you to reply to comments and update the file while maintaining the same link.

Share for Review

If you work in the video industry, on the other hand, there is for you for Creative Cloud, which includes tools for real-time video review and approval. And yes, it is the same tool that will allow camera-to-cloud upload with 100 GB of available space.

We also report the arrival of the web version of Adobe Acrobat, with a new panel to find the various tools on the fly, quick access to the features you use most and the presence of 3 new panels – Edit, Convert and Sign – which group all the tools in Acrobat in an intuitive and easily accessible way.

Adobe MAX 2022: all the Photoshop news

Rain of news for Photoshop, with the desktop version introducing even more advanced object recognition: now the software is able to identify the sky, buildings, water, plants, different types of terrain and much more, so as to allow faster selections while preserving details and outlines.

This technology, coupled with content-based fill and Shift + Delete combination, allows you to take advantage of another new feature called Delete and Fill: with one click remove the unwanted object that is replaced with the background using the Fill function.

I also improve Neural Filters which are now enriched by a new element called Photo Restoration. Its purpose? Bring old, damaged photos to life using machine learning.

Adobe MAX 2022 Photoshop Photo Restoration

The guide still become more useful but above all more customizable: you can change their colors, modify their properties, use new shortcuts, delete them with a single key and select more than one at a time to modify and move them at the same time.

It updates Adobe Camera Rawso as to facilitate the use of masks, the removal of unwanted elements and the application of presets.

Photoshop per iPad

This is all about the desktop version of Photoshop but what about the app? Photoshop on iPad is enriched with content-based filling, now obtainable with just one tap. A tap is also enough to remove the background, so as to replace it with another image of your choice.
They also come Auto Tone, Auto Contrast and Auto Color to correct the color balance of images on the fly while the new subject selection tool becomes more precise so as not to lose the edges of the clothes, the cat’s whiskers and any other details.

What changes for Lightroom?

Adobe MAX 2022 Lightroom people selection

They couldn’t miss an update body for Lightroom which leverages artificial intelligence for speed up the selection of people by creating masks for both individuals and groups. It also becomes possible select specific body parts such as face and body skin, eyes, teeth, lips, hair and more.
Also improved the selection of objects, with the possibility to select them both using the brush for selection and the rectangle selection; the AI ​​will take care of identifying the object and selecting it precisely.
We complete the selections chapter with that of the backgroundwith the artificial intelligence that generates a mask with one click, helping you to save a lot of time.

Adaptive Preset Portrait

I adaptive preset now they also debut in the field of photographs allowing you, for example, to whiten your teeth or darken your eyebrows with a click or a tap.
Adaptive presets can be exploited also on the application for sky and subjectwith the app for Android that finally extends this possibility to a greater number of devices, including those with less performing hardware.

They also come content-based autofill, just like on Photoshop, the possibility to compare the edited photo with the original oneholding them side by side, and faster import on Windows.

Finally, we also report updating the web version of Lightroomwhich now allows you to edit videos using the same controls available for photosas well as allowing you to decide the intensity of the preset in order to obtain images that better respond to your taste and your needs.

Il video-editing tra Premiere Pro e After Effects

Camera-to-cloud and are not the only updates dedicated to the world of videomakers.
Premiere Pro prepares to offer flexible controls for alignment of video and audio tracks, new title models, even more modern and animated, e new plugins to speed up color correction thanks to the direct use of the native LUTs of ARRI cameras.

They are After Effects instead they arrive 50 new animations, from animated text to elements like map pins. All created by professionals and designed to facilitate daily work.
They land on AE too new presets for compositions, including those verifying, those for social and those in Ultra HD. They are not missing native support for the H.264 codec and a host of new keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate between keyframes.

Finally, it improves the integration between Premiere Pro and After Effect with the reproduction and rendering performances that grow dramatically compared to the previous version.

Adobe Max 2022: Substance 3D si evolve

We conclude with the Substance 3D Collection, which now constitutes a sort of ecosystem dedicated to 3D design.
Let’s start with Substance materials, smart materials that mimic the behavior of real ones within Photoshop and Illustrator, to get to the new Substance 3D Modelerwhich allows 3D modeling using an immersive VR environment. Yes, now you can wear the viewer and sculpt objects by unleashing your imagination; once you get the rough version of your work you can put your hand to the PC again and refine the details, perhaps using Substance 3D Painter for materials and textures o Stager for review and feedback.

Substance 3D Adobe MAX 2022

Do you want to transport a real object into the digital world? Think about it Substance 3D Sampler: you take photos of the object, even with your smartphone, and Sampler generate a 3D model.

I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try all these new features!