Samsung: presents the evolution of SmartThings at SDC22

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Samsung unveils the evolution of SmartThings and introduces new device experiences at SDC22

Samsung platforms SmartThings e Bixbyintegrated and secure, create a safe, simple and convenient smart home experience for all devices in the home.

Details on SmartThings at SDC22

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (click here for more info on the company) held its annual conference dedicated to developers in San Francisco these days. Let’s talk about the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), which brings together developers, creators and designers to discover the connected and seamless experiences made available by Samsung.

During the event, Samsung further illustrated its commitment to creating simplified and innovative user experiences, also presenting the updated corporate vision of SmartThings. This develops from a connectivity platform to a device that allows for a smarter lifestyle. From deeper integration with Bixbyto seamless connectivity with compatible Matter devices, SmartThings creates a richer and more open world that allows users to simplify connections and everyday life.

SmartThings statements at SDC22

The following are the first statements regarding SmartThings.

Samsung continues to innovate its devices, platforms and services to offer simpler and more convenient products. I am proud to present our next generation creations, such as SmartThings, which allow us to expand collaboration with partners and developers,

explains Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of Device eXperience (DX) Division of Samsung Electronics. then he continued stating that:

Considering the growing complexity of technology, we will continue to seek solutions to make life simpler, more connected and flexible, thus guaranteeing our consumers the freedom to focus on what is most important to them.

Connect platforms and devices with Calm technology

Samsung’s vision of seamless connectivity is inspired by the philosophy of calm technology. With this, the devices collaborate instantly, saving consumers time to set up and allowing them to directly enter the experience. To realize this vision, Samsung has revisited SmartThings and its related services and partnerships. Among these we have Samsung Hub Everywhereextending its possibilities to the entire “smart home”, with audio and visual data, as well as SmartThings Energy, SmartThings Pet e SmartThings Cooking.

Samsung has joined in Philips Hue to integrate Philips Hue Sync directly into Galaxy devices, so smart home lighting can be paired with music. The seamless experience will also extend beyond the Samsung ecosystem, thanks to the integration of SmartThings con Matter and the company’s inclusion in the Home Connectivity Alliance. Google and Samsung have collaborated to allow users to find and connect their devices across different platforms, with the introduction of a multi-management function in Matter devices. This collaboration will allow access to even more devices and users in connected homes in the future.

Samsung: presents the evolution of SmartThings at SDC22


Bixby has been integrated even more effectively with SmartThings. It is a tool that allows developers to build even smarter voice UI experiences. Bixby, Samsung’s representative voice assistance platform, has evolved to become the AI-powered device solution. Able to control individual Galaxy devices and experience across multiple devices across the Samsung ecosystem.

With the new Bixby Home Studio, developers will now be able to create differentiated and personalized experiences for the SmartThings platform. Additionally, from November, Bixby will be even more widely available to users, with support for Latin American Spanish.

Samsung Knox Matrix

As the concept of “smart home” is becoming more and more evolved, Samsung is introducing a new security paradigm, which allows its devices to protect each other. Samsung Knox Matrix is a private blockchain platform that turns eligible Samsung devices into a shield to protect the entire ecosystem of users’ devices, from Galaxy phones to televisions and
domestic appliances.

In addition, users can customize privacy configurations thanks to the new Security and Privacy dashboard, which scans devices for any vulnerabilities, recommending security updates and providing users with data management options to keep privacy and security in mind. .

Personalized services for better experiences

Samsung TV Plus is the free ad-supported TV and video streaming platform (FAST) available on Samsung Smart TVs and mobile devices. Last year, it achieved 100% audience growth and expects to reach three billion streaming hours by the end of the year. To continue building this momentum, Samsung TV Plus has expanded the offering by forming partnerships with Lionsgate and Vice Media and providing 8K resolution video on demand.

Samsung TV Plus has also revised its design to reflect the amazing variety of content with over 1,600 channels in 24 countries. The Samsung TV Plus is the premium quality choice for a seamless experience, where stream stitching makes ad playback easier than ever.

Tizen OS

After 10 years of service, the operating system (OS) Tizen di Samsung continues to deliver best-in-class user experiences. Samsung Gaming Hub provides better, faster and more convenient access to games on Samsung Smart TVs. This is thanks to industry-leading partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Utomik and Amazon Luna. Samsung Gaming Hub brings together hardware and software expertise to integrate functions such as AI-based upscaling. And again, multitasking functions to make gaming on Samsung Smart TVs an immersive and optimized experience.

Tizen OS is also expanding to offer NFTS support with partners such as Art Token, laCollection and Nifty Gateway. For B2B customers and developers, Samsung provides industry and use-specific B2B APIs, such as Syncplay, which allows you to sync and view content across multiple devices. Tizen is also about to introduce SALTa new content conversion solution for viewing in the highest quality HDR10 + format on supported TVs.

The new One UI 5 enables unique and personalized experiences with the Galaxy series

With the new One UI 5, Samsung allows users to easily customize the look of their device, improving productivity and providing great experiences across devices and platforms. One UI 5 offers more personalized experiences, with bespoke Modes and Routines and a Dynamic Lock screen that plays multiple images on your smartphone, Galaxy Watch series and other One UI 5 devices. With the new feature Bixby Text Call, Bixby Voice answers calls for the user and shares written messages with the caller, speaking loudly as if the user were answering. One UI 5 also features new integrated solutions to monitor health and well-being on a daily basis. It is also included Samsung Privileged Health SDKwhich allows developers to build apps that take advantage of the BioActive sensor on the Galaxy Watch.

Not just SmartThings at SDC22: Future investments and research

Samsung Research look beyond the horizon for a better future, full of incessant innovations and open collaborations. Samsung Research will make the robotic arm manipulation code available on GitHub. Thus allowing scholars, researchers and developers to analyze new ideas in the field of robotic manipulation. The Samsung Research team was also inspired by the new wellness features introduced by Samsung, in particular those of the Galaxy Watch. To find new ways to take advantage of these features, Samsung Research is partnering with universities and healthcare institutions. These will analyze areas of study related to: heart health, stress, blood pressure, lung health and neuroscience. As a result, Samsung offers a comprehensive SDK, the Samsung Health Stack, which will restart research in important health sectors, promoting new developments. Samsung invites developers, creators, partners and others to join in its commitment to open collaboration and seamless experiences.

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