Adobe: New PDF features for Creative Cloud Express

Adobe: nuove funzionalità PDF per Creative Cloud Express thumbnail

Adobe introduces new features of Creative Cloud Expresswhich can allow you to manage PDFs with more freedom and cool features. The web and mobile platform thus gives new tools to manage marketing materials such as flyers, banners and much more through the PDF Quick Actions.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express: arrivano le PDF Quick Actions

Adobe unveiled Creative Cloud Express last December as a platform to easily create and share multimedia content. A help for creatives who want create posts and stories on social media, to achieve materials marketing and not only.

Starting today, with the PDF Quick Actions you will be able to carry out simple and quick interventions on PDFs. In order to organize texts and images, merge different files into a single PDF and more. All directly from the web or mobile app, to facilitate workflows.

Among the new functions is the Edit text and images, which allows quick but important adjustments to our files. For example, you can intervene to change prices or dates on a flyer, with great ease. And you can do it on existing PDFs too, by adding and changing text or editing images.

Also comes the possibility of Combine files into one PDF. This is particularly useful when using different programs. For example if you need to submit a quote with a PNG image, an Excel table and a Word film, you can create a single PDF document to submit.

The option that is also very interesting Organize the pages. In fact, you can also order the pages of different files simply with drag & drop, excellent when receiving different documents but to be sorted diligently.

In short, Adobe has introduced several features to allow you to operate fully on your PDFs with Creative Cloud Express. Find more information on these and other news on the Adobe blog.