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“The Next Classic Guide”: Jaguar e Baracuta alla Milan Fashion Week

Jaguar e Baracuta they carried out the project “The Next Classic Guide“, Redefining a classic to the Milan Fashion Week. In fact, one will arrive Jaguar E-Pacand customized starting from the iconic G9 Harrington Jacketand a limited edition G9.

Jaguar and Baracuta: “The Next Classic Guide” at the Milan Fashion Week

The journey began in November, with the two brands set out on a transnational search for style, trends and characters. A I travel all over Europe looking for a new classic.

First in EnglandWith the brand consultant Samutaro, to discover the new city realities, the taste for art and vintage. On the other Kofi, also known as The Unknown Vlog, one of the first Youtubers in the streetwear world. Then in Germanywith the duo of DJs and designers formed by Afshin Momadi e Inan Batman, exploring Berlin. And still in Netherlandsto discover the castle of Maastricht.

For the Paris Fashion Week, the contact is with two exponents of Parisian street culture. Before Julien Boudetstreet photographer known by the acronym of bleumode, and then Jean Jacques Ndjolicreative director.


Now The Next Classic Guide arrives in Milan, in the hands of talent Andrea Faccio e Domenico Formichetti. Which will carry on the discovery of style in the city of fashion. On this occasion, we will be able to find the car in the city with a French street photographer Mark Henry aboard the Jaguar E-Pace.

During the period of the Milan Fashion Week we will be able to discover the next classic of style in cars and in clothing. A unique opportunity for fans, who can enjoy these two iconic styles. In the process of establishing a new classic.

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