Avventura ed esplorazione in The Serpent Rogue: disponibile da oggi per console e PC thumbnail

Adventure and exploration in The Serpent Rogue: available today for console and PC

The new game from Ukrainian developer Sengi Games officially arrives: The Serpent Rogue, available today for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Players will take on the role of a masked protagonist, The Warden, to discover the game world, which they will have to explore. Be careful though, as the evil Serpent Rogue threatens to corrupt the natural balance of Mount Morbus.

The Serpent Rogue: the launch trailer

One of the main elements of the gameplay is alchemy, and mastering it will be crucial to the success of The Warden. So you will have to work hard to collect and research the right elements, discover their characteristics and combine them to create unique potions. The game allows players to take on challenges in a myriad of different ways. In fact, opponents can be defeated both through head-to-head combat and with perfectly synchronized alchemical potions. Or it will be possible to make friends with the creatures of the place, to be revealed secrets that could prove to be precious.

Each stage of The Warden’s journey is filled with challenges and decisions, which will obviously have consequences. For example, leaving food lying around will attract vermin and cause havoc, while bodies left unburied will attract scary ghouls. Measure your every step well then, because in The Serpent Rogue nothing is left to chance.

The Serpent Rogue 1

The Serpent Rogue 2

The Serpent Rogue 3

The Serpent Rogue 4

The Serpent Rogue 5

The Serpent Rogue 6

To buy or try the game on Steam click here. To learn more, read our review.

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