The new Apple exclusive reveals the shock price of the iPhone 14

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The ultimate rumors they revealed the probable prezzo from the new iPhone 14 range from Apple and users are shocked. Let’s find out all the details together always keeping in mind that this information was not

The price of the iPhone 14: users are shocked

I leak from Apple have already revealed what everyone knows is the most shocking change in the range iPhone 14: the new design without notch. Quite right? Mistaken, dear readers. New information reveals that it will be theirs prices.

In an exclusive report, Bloomberg’s excellent Apple guru, Mark Gurmanreports that Apple’s decision to replace the‘iPhone 13 mini with an iPhone 13 Max will probably entail a price increase of up to $ 300.

“So, for the first time ever, the non-Pro line of iPhones will have a 6.7-inch screen option,” explains Gurman. “And users will now be able to get Apple’s biggest iPhone for at least $ 200 less than before.”

In other words: a iPhone 14 Max it will be approx $ 200 cheaper of an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Now, let’s analyze the situation. Currently, a iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $ 1099which would lead to a iPhone 14 Max for $ 899 – an increase of 200 dollars on the iPhone 13 Mini from 699 dollars which replaces. But not so fast.

Multiple leaks have claimed that the increase in component costs and the determination Apple to differentiate the iPhone Pro and non-Pro, they will see the‘iPhone 14 Pro and theiPhone 14 Pro Max increase respectively to $1099 e $1199. That gap of 200 dollars now potentially brings the iPhone 14 Max to $ 999300 dollars more of an iPhone 13 Mini.

We remind you that Apple has not confirmed yet these leaks so it’s good take the information with a grain of salt.

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