Advertising on Samsung’s smartphones may finally end

La pubblicità sugli smartphone di Samsung potrebbe finalmente terminare thumbnail

The smartphones at Samsung they are sadly known for a lot of advertising on factory apps: the situation, however, could change radically. The discourse of unwanted advertising takes on even more weight if we consider the price of flagship of the South Korean manufacturer, which often they even exceed 1000 euros.

While Samsung’s ads situation in Europe is manageable, in the United States of America it is much more serious. In fact, in the European Union, we are much more protected due to the increased attention to privacy and the laws governing these aspects. An example is the law GDPR, very stringent towards the technological giants.

Going to the menu Samsung settings, you can disable the option “Receive marketing information” and solve the problem in this way, but in the rest of the world it is not so easy. Samsung’s preset apps continue to annoy the user with numerous ads, and this appears even more unacceptable considering how many of the devices in question are premium and expensive.

Updates may remove advertisements on Samsung smartphones

The hope that the situation will change sharply is very much alive: according to the well-known and reliable portal SamMobile, Samsung is working to remove these annoying advertisements. The discontent would have started from the employees, not satisfied with the current state of the applications.

It seems that the ads will be gradually removed both by individuals application updatesi, which through theOne UI update, Samsung’s proprietary interface. However, for now, neither the method they will adopt nor the arrival times of these firmware and / or app updates have been announced.

Samsung users, however, can at least rejoice because the company seems to have gotten the message and has put in serious work to improve theuser experience. All that remains is to wait for some concrete news, with Samsung that will certainly return to the subject in the coming weeks.

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