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Pokémon Unite: Blissey arrives along with many other news

A few hours ago, through a gameplay video aimed at showing the main gameplay features, it was revealed that Blissey is about to make its entrance in Pokémon Unite. The Happiness Pokémon will be a support creature and will likely play a central role in defending its allies. Blissey is expected to make her game debut today.

Pokémon Unite: Blissey arrives along with other news

In the video published on the official Pokémon Unite YouTube channel we can take a look at what Blissey is able to do in game. Inside the already hugely popular Pokémon-themed MOBA, Blissey should take on a supporting role and, if we consider his role within the classic games, he could also have a lot of health points, which would make him the ideal creature to take enemy hits.

The announcement of the Happiness Pokémon confirms the authenticity of the leaks released a few weeks ago, in which this second generation Pokémon appeared along with several others, of which at the moment, however, we have no confirmation on the matter. In the video, in fact, Blissey enters into action together with Lucario and Gengar, two creatures that have long been present on the game roster.

Anyway Blissey didn’t come alone, given that to accompany his debut there is also a balance patch that changes some aspects of the gameplay. Net of several bug fixes and glitches that players encountered during games, many of the moves that can be performed by the various pocket creatures have undergone changes, such as Crustle’s Stealth Rocks, for example.

In this regard, we advise you to take a look at the full patch notes, so as not to be caught unprepared during your next games, as some changes may lead you to reconsider your strategy.

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