AFIC: Festival venues, tomorrow

AFIC: Festival venues, tomorrow

The AFIC association (Association of Italian Film Festivals) organizes a virtual meeting linked to the current transformation of Italian film festivals. The appointment is scheduled for Saturday 27 March. The short presentation below

The year of virtual festivals. One year after the start of the Covid-19 emergency, the association Aphik (Association of Italian Film Festivals) organizes the virtual meeting The Places of the Festival, tomorrow, addressing the online experience of Italian film festivals.

Made thanks to the contribution of DGCA (Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual) of MiC (Ministry of Culture) and in collaboration with Atlantica Digital Spa. The appointment scheduled for Saturday 27 March at 9.30 will take place in live streaming on the association’s official Facebook page. For the occasion, professionals and distinguished guests of the sector will take part.

AFIC: Festival venues, tomorrow

AFIC: Festival Venues, tomorrow

The program includes an intense full immersion visible in streaming, sitting comfortably from home. The introduction will be edited by Chiara Valenti Homer, AFIC Presidents. The main themes of the event will be shown in an analytical way, moving on a double track of confrontation and confrontation.

Federico Pommier Vincelli (coordinator of the AFIC working group) will present the results of the questionnaire Platform Festival the future of cinema events. An interesting vision on the intelligent use of social media as a source of dissemination and aware knowledge.

Giuseppe D’Antonio he will be the moderator of four interventions related to the Italian festival reality, including the analysis of online rights management and investors.

New and old scenarios coordinated by Laura Delli Colli (President of the National Union of Italian Film Journalists), touching more deeply the generational difference of the festivals and the different practices to be implemented.

The conclusion will focus solely on a broad debate regarding the perspective of festivals and post-pandemic culture. A final Q&A will follow reserved for participants, speakers and working groups. The end of the meeting is scheduled for 13.30.

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