After Milan, a new myPOS Experience Store arrives in Rome

Dopo Milano, arriva un nuovo Experience Store di myPOS a Roma thumbnail

The first quarter of this year marked a great start for myPOS, one of the most important companies in the digital payments sector, which led to the second Italian experience store. After opening in Milan, the time has come for Roma. Even the citizens of the capital will now be able to experience the myPOS offers in a physical store.

Massimo Terreni, country manager and CEO of myPOS Italy underlined: “I am very proud of this further step forward. With the opening of the new showroom here in Rome, we expand our presence on the Italian market and confirm how important it is for us to put our face to it and offer customers the certainty that we are there, we can meet them and respond to their needs by inviting them to our locations. We believe that offering the possibility of a live meeting can strengthen trust and reassure interested parties of the concreteness of myPOS. We offer customers a multi-channel assistance and contact service to meet the most diverse needs. “

The benefits of myPOS and the Roman presence

As the name suggests, theExperience Store will allow users to discover myPOS offers for digital payments and all the benefits they include. MyPOS solutions are characterized by:

  • Low costs
  • No contractual obligations
  • Ease of use
  • No need to have a banking relationship
  • Immediate availability of the collected sums

All these features make myPOS solutions particularly suitable for small shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, artisans and taxis. In this regard, the partnership with the Roman taxi cooperative 3570.

About that, Loreno Bittarelli, President of Cooperative Radiotaxi 3570 and URI commented: “The great attention to technological innovation that distinguishes us was the prerequisite for an immediate agreement with myPOS. We both believe in the benefits of digital payments and the ease of use of myPOS solutions was unanimously welcomed by the 3570. This partnership fits perfectly into our idea of ​​customer service. Customers find the myPOS smart system available on each of our 3,900 cars operating in the Rome area. With myPOS we have created the conditions for a long journey together. “

The new myPOS Experience Store in Rome and the new offers

MyPOS roma

The opening of the new myPOS Experience Store in Rome is the ideal opportunity to explore the company’s new solutions such as myPOS Glass. We are facing the solution smart solution more innovative that allows you to transform your smartphone into a real payment terminal to make digital payments even easier and more advantageous. The ideal formula for small entrepreneurs and traders, professionals, VAT numbers or seasonal businesses.

The company’s other offerings offer solutions to meet various needs with terminals that support useful functions according to different activities. From traditional small and light POS myPOS GO, myPOS Combo e myPOS Mini equipped with a function for issuing digital or paper receipts. To these are added Android-based solutions, such as myPOS Smartused for example by taxis.

Massimo Terreni says: “Our goal is to provide a package of easy-to-use, fast and versatile payment solutions that can simplify the cash flow of small business owners who have not had access to a service like this to date.”

To find out about the other services offered, please visit the myPOS Italia Official Website. The myPOS Store in Rome can be found in Via Emanuele Filiberto, 154.

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